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    New to HomeTheaterEquipment.com New to forums in general? Don't worry, we've got you covered with this simple how-to article explain, step by step, the process of creating a HomeTheaterEquipment.com account. Once you've created your account, you'll be able to interact with countless other home theater and audiophile enthusiasts the world over and enter in to good spirited discussions about all things home theater and audiophilia. Join the discussion and create a HomeTheaterEquipment.com account today.

    What are the rules when it comes to posting on a forum like HomeTheaterEquipment.com?
    Good question, and inside this article you will find your answers; everything from etiquette to moderator status is covered here. Unsure of what's allowed and what's forbidden? This article has that too. In fact, if it has anything to do with day-to-day operation and functionality of HomeTheaterEquipment.com chances are you'll find it being addressed here. Read up on Home Theater Equipments's rules and regulations.

    There bound to be a few bumps in the road and while we strive for perfection we are only human so if you encounter an error or have issues with HomeTheaterEquipment.com this is the place to post your questions and seek your answers. Have you discovered a glitch or figured out a better way to use the forum that may benefit someone else - tell the world about it here. This is the place to make your HomeTheaterEquipment.com experience better. Find your answers and share your tips.

    What is a home theater? How do you go about building one, choosing the right equipment and setting one up? Well you're in luck for in this article you'll find the basic information you need to get started in your home theater journey. From here you can dive deeper into the world of home theater and consumer electronics by becoming a member of HomeTheaterEquipment.com forum where you and others like you can lend each other a helping hand as you endeavor to make your home theater experience even richer.
    Star your Journey here.

    We've all been there, staring up at the endless wall of HDTVs in our local big-box store. It's daunting, especially considering there are new formats such as 3D one has to take into consideration. Should you buy plasma or LED, 42 or 65-inches? Well, the answers to all your HDTV and Blu-ray buying questions are awaiting you inside. Let HomeTheaterEquipment.com be your guide and help you in your HDTV buying decision -who knows you may end up buying a better HDTV than you thought you could afford. Let the learning begin.

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