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    Krell's New $5,000 Stereo Preamp Has Enough For Both 2 Channel and Home Theater Fans

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    Krell unveiled a new, more affordable, audiophile preamp for $5,000. While the Phantom III Stereo preamp is not yet available, Krell says its shipping second quarter 2012, it has some of the following features, which should bode well for audiophiles and fans of 2.1 home theater systems.

    • Dual mono circuit design
    • Digital module that adds USB, optical and coaxial digital connectivity (optional)
    • Ethernet input for network content playback
    • Subwoofer output(s) with bass management (unconfirmed)

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    $5000? That's almost affordable and clearly positioned to take on the Classe'. Good news that a more affordable, 2 channel audiophile piece is coming from Krell.

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    I just finished an article about how the like of Krell (and many other big, respected brands) are coming out with products that are still pricey but not CRAZY.

    Hot new features. Lower prices. Increased value.

    Enthusiast clients are going to like what they see post CES.

    My article also focused on a growing number of new companies with little to no reputation who are trying to sell to the "1%er" clients with their opening offer. As KennyT asked me last night "How did Tube Audio Design" do selling their unheard of $100,000 80-watt mono amps?" So well, they weren't back at the show. Somehow, I think units numbered 001, 002 and 003 (all at the show last year) are still for sale.

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    I see nothing wrong with building very limited production super expensive gear. I just wouldn't expect to sell much of it. A little of that type of thing might be good from a PR standpoint. just make sure that you have some "real" product to see to the rest of us.


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