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Not wanting to be left out in the cold of an analog only world, Mark Levinson is prepping their first digital audio processor or preamp for its turn in the spotlight. Looking to do battle against the likes of Classe's CP-800, Krell's recently announced Phantom III as well as NAD and McIntosh's new digital friendly preamps, the Mark Levinson No 560 will have a bit of a fight on its hands for it's set to retail for $6,000 making it the most expensive option of the bunch. Still, $6,000 is a bit of a bargain considering what Levinson has charged for its preamps in the past.

Here's some info from Mark Levinson on the upcoming No 560 Digital Audio Processor:

The Mark Levinson № 560 is engineered to bring out the very best in all digital audio sources including high-resolution audio formats and serve as the heart of a digital audio music system. The Mark Levinson № 560 enables listeners to enjoy the full sonic benefits of computer audio, disc transports, streaming media devices and other digital sources thanks to its dual 32-bit, 192kHz premium digital to analog converters, digital volume control and impeccable engineering and construction.

The № 560 provides no less than 10 digital audio inputs including two optical and two coaxial S/PDIF inputs, three USB 2.0 (A) connectors, two HDMI inputs with DSD (Direct Stream Digital)-direct capability and an AES/EBU XLR input. The No 560’s XLR and RCA analog outputs facilitate connection to an amplifier or preamplifier. The № 560 is designed for extraordinary sonic performance, incorporating isolated digital and analog circuitry with independent power supplies, asynchronous clocking to ensure jitter-free performance from the dual 32-bit DACs, premium quality internal components throughout and many additional enhancements.