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    Panasonic's 2012 Plasma Prices Hit the Internet

    Who would've thought Panasonic would be the value leader? Compared to some of the leaked 2012 prices that I've been seeing the new crop of Panny plasmas look all the more enticing. Once again HD Guru broke the story. Check out the prices and street dates below.

    VT50 series
    55-inch: $2,499
    Available 5/7/12

    65-inch: $3,699
    Available 5/14/12

    GT50 series
    50-inch: $1,799
    Available 3/12/12

    55-inch: $2,099
    Available 3/19/12

    60-inch: $2,599
    Available 4/14/12

    65-inch: $3,299
    Available 4/23/12

    ST50 series
    50-inch: $1,399
    Available 2/20/12

    55-inch: $1,699
    Available 2/27/12

    60-inch: $2,099
    Available 4/14/12

    65-inch: $2,999
    Available 4/23/12

    UT50 series
    42-inch: $799
    Available 2/24/12

    50-inch: $1,099
    Available 2/24/12

    55-inch: $1,399
    Available 3/17/12

    60-inch: $1,799
    Available 4/14/12

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    Impressive. That 55vt50 is less than I gave for a 55vt30 last year.

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    That 55vt50 is less than I gave for a 55vt30 last year
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    Don't feel bad - my 70 inch Sharp sells for $1,000 less in stores than what I paid for it from the distributor in AUGUST!

    Its video. That's the way of the world.

    Good to see Panasonic lowering prices to offer better TVs for less. I think they will be more recommendable by us going forward to more people - even with smaller budgets. This is a very good thing.

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    I love Pannie plasmas! I think we all know Panasonic bought much of Pioneer's Elite technology.

    Sharp bought the name and hired some of the Elite engineers......

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    I love Pannie plasmas, too. That's why I bought one. That's why I might buy another one...Absolutley great tv's. Phenomenal panels at a great price.
    Panasonic TC-P54G10
    Denon AVR-3808CI
    Motorola DCH 3416 HD Cable DVR(Comcast)
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    Paradigm Studio Esprit v.4(Center)
    Axiom QS-8 v2(Surrounds)
    SVS PB10-isd (LFE Sub front left)
    Cerwin Vega LW15(LFE Sub rear right)
    Monster THX Video and Audio Interconnects
    Harmony One Uber-Cool Remote

    Blu-ray Confidence Meter at 100% circa 2007

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    For the 1% folks who can afford this, you can get your Panasonic 152 inch 4K2K 3D television (TH-152UX1W) for the low low price of $957,000

    Specs for the tv can be found here...

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    Correction: Sharp bought the Elite technology from Pioneer. Regarding Panasonic and other brands who sell TV's, within the past year, many have changed their distribution of their products. This was a direct result of the manufacturer's getting really pissed off everytime they saw their products being sold on eBay for a cheaper or much cheaper price. The only way they could do that was to try & track serial numbers. If they caught anyone selling them too cheap, they immediately cut off the offending company who sold them on eBay. They would then use MAP pricing for every reseller. Selling TV's has now become like selling gas at a gas station. Prices are all within a few cents of each other. It doesn't matter if you buy a TV from Best Buys, etc or from a Custom Installer. Some Custom Installers are not bothering to sell TV's any more; just the Installation, brackets, audio, etc. They actually make more money that way.

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    TC-P65ST50 $2,331.26 amazon

    TC-P65VT25 $3,099.99 amazon
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    VT25, isn't that a 2010 model? Not a bad price for a 65" VT.

    Makes me wonder if Panasonic would honor the warranty.

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