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Discussions or inducements for Members to purchase from Dealers and Merchants, either Authorized or Unauthorized are also prohibited, since the validity of such dealers and the person or persons making the referral can not be determined. Sponsors of this forum are the only exception. Calibrators must also get permission to post their services on this forum and agree to our advertising and referral schedule in advance. HomeTheaterEquipment.com may contain links to third party Sponsor web sites. These links are provided solely as a convenience to you and not as an endorsement by HomeTheaterEquipment.com of the contents on such third-party Sponsor web sites. HomeTheaterEquipment.com and Luxury Publishing Group, Inc. are not responsible for the content of linked third-party Sponsor web sites and do not make any representations regarding the content or accuracy of material on such third party Sponsor web sites. If you decide to access linked third-party Sponsor web sites, you do so at your own risk.

Please also note that the use of the HomeTheaterEquipment.com’s Private Messaging Service or Email Systems associated with HomeTheaterEquipment.com are not “private” in the sense that it is a message or Email seen only by the sender and receiver. While the message is private from the rest of the Members, the administration of HomeTheaterEquipment.com can see them. All rules that apply to posting on the Forum ALSO apply to the use of our Private Messaging/Email System and violators will have their posting privileges subject to the same revocations as on the Forum in general. Posting privileges if we feel need to be revoked may be done with no prior warning and are not subject to redress. If you have any questions about something possibly being a violation ask the Administration FIRST if it is OK to post it. This way you won't be unpleasantly surprised when you come back not have access any longer.

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