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    I am not really sure what math has to do with it. One doesn't need to see the flicker of a fluorescent light to recognize it doesn't look so good. One doesn't need to hear the individual bits of information to know that 44.1 doesn't sound as good as 48 or 88.2. People don't need to be conscious of why they prefer the taste or sound or look of something to have a preference. The math is not the matter.

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    I personally don't see 4K being the "gotta have it" factor that original HD offered. It was a paradigm shift, while 4K is an evolution. If pricing is a reasonable delta over it's "2k" competitors, AND you need a replacement then people will go for the 4K. Otherwise, I think people will stick with 2K and pocket the extra money to pay for gas. Eventually the cost comes down and people start adopting it as 2K fades away... but this is precisely what keeps it from being special, and it becomes an appliance once again.

    Maybe I'm wrong, I haven't seen 4K in person.. but from my experience with all the new technologies I've lived through this seems to be the life-cycle.

    I hope I'm wrong however, as this hobby really needs something to get excited about. 3D sure didn't do it...

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    The color space and bit depth will be FAR more noticeable than more pixels. Most content we look at is not even at full 8 bit. We could use the wider color space of DCI with 1920 X 1080 or even deep color with existing formats (10 bit).

    YES, the maximum resolution you can see with 20/20 vision is 1 arc minute. But this is a still image with maximum contrast (black/white). Fast jet simulators assuming pilots with equal or bettr than 20/20 design around 4 arc minutes. If you do all the math and plug in 4 arc minutes you end up with 1.5 X screen height is the sweetspot for 1080P and unless you get to less than 1 picture height you can't see pixels.

    Bottom line, unless you have VERY large screens like a Metroplex (30'+) we don't need 4K (yet). Let's get the other picture issues fixed. When the content is available in 4K, then we can discuss this again.


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