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    Ice Road Truckers on History Channel

    I was watching a few late night episodes of The Hatfields and the McCoys last night. When I switched on the TV this morning, The History Channel was showing a marathon of a show called Ice Road Truckers.

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    Imagine hauling extreme loads of cargo under the worst imaginable road conditions in Alaska and Canada. These men and women haul 15 ton loads of boulders over a frozen lake, 16 foot wide oversized construction girders through narrow frozen mountain passes and somehow manage to live through it.

    Anyone else watch this show?

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    I watched a little of this as recently as this morning. Its pretty crazy reality show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Del Colliano View Post
    I watched a little of this as recently as this morning. Its pretty crazy reality show.
    This is my kind of reality show. These people are crazy, not to mention very skilled to do what they do. In Georgia, if we get more than the rare light dusting of snow, we shut the state down. The new season starts tonight at 9PM EST.

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    Wow. That is an amazing show. I like the editing as well. Very well made.

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    I would find this interesting once, maybe twice but that would it.


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