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    Eight Foods That You Didn't Know Contained Meat

    When you think of foods that contain meat, you most likely think of hotdogs, Slim Jims or actual meat but maybe not what you are about to see.

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    This is a bizarre list that I found on Bliss, don't you think?

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    Just amazing.. Wonder what the anti-meat folks will say.

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    Being a home brewer, I knew about isenglass and Worcestershire Sauce is just a matter of reading the label. I would have NEVER guessed the others.

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    Quite often with food, ignorance is bliss.

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    I second that. Ignorance is bliss.

    I am always reminded of that movie long time ago (I forgot the name) where the character asks God, what was the grossest thing he ate and God says he can't say that but he can tell him the 10,000 gross thing he ate.. lol.


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