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    SilverStone HTPC Rack Case

    I recently installed a Sanus CFR2136 Rack. Unfortunately my HTPC in an Antec case was 1/4" too wide for the rack.
    I chose a SilverStone LC10B-E ATX Media Center case to replace the Antec.

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    Fig1 Cases are stacked to show the differences
    White on case is the hole for optical drive

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    Fig2/Fig3 Cases with tops removed

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    Fig4 Parts removed from Antec

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    SilverStone case

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    Fig5 SilverStone HTPC in Sanus rack

    I added an intake fan in the front of the case for better cooling.
    While I had the case apart I added another 4GB of memory and a 120GB SSD. When the case was installed in the Sanus rack, it was obvious that the fan noise was too loud. I will have to order low noise 80mm fans. When I do I'll try to remember to take a picture of the finished HTPC. The SilverStone case exhaust out the back rather than the sides. Unfortunately when you mount exhaust fans in the back of the case you're limited to 80mm fans. I'm not a fan of smaller fans because they have to operate faster to move enough air, thus creating noise. If the Antec case was 1/4" less wide, I would have had to deal with 120mm side exhausting fans.
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    Great photos.

    Glad you are working with Sanus. Good client of ours making very cool, very well thought out products.


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