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    Smile Karaoke System incorporated into my HT

    One day I had the desire to incorporate Karaoke into my HT. I started with my Vocopro Karaoke player. I chose it because it was one of the only one's that offered Digital Optical or Coax for the Music (Surround Sound). But more importantly, it had analog RCA outputs for the MIC sounds. This way (since singing into mics are analog, I had to find a way of tweaking both the Surround sound music with the analog singing, and get them to mesh togeather coherently. I had a lot of tweaking to do. For the vocals, I used a Sonamp 260 amp. I also emplyed 2 Center Channel speakers: 1 front, 1 rear. Several wired mics with stands, and 1 Shure wireless mic. I also used an AudioSource EQ-100 20 band with Spectrum Analyzer to improve the balance of the vocals when combined with the Surround music. Sometimes we have Karaoke Parties which is enhanced when the CD+G words show up on my JVC HD2K Sys projector on the 120" HD 16:9 Dalite Screen. I have 100 CD + G discs with every kind of music. Fun times. It sounds pretty good in 7.2.

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    I can't sing but it sounds like you are hard core. My best friend DJs wedding and other events and many of his clients request Karaoke.

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    Adding Karaoke seems like a normal add-on option for a home theater. You had to go to more trouble than I would have expected.

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    I am going to come over and sing "if loving you is wrong - I don't want to be right"


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