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    Vizio lcd tv model # xvt553sv cracked screen

    I have a vizio lcd tv model xvt553sv with a cracked screen , I found a vizio lcd tv model vf550m with a good screen but had a bad main panel . my question is can I swap out the lcd screens out to replace the model xvt553sv and make this tv whole again, I'm not sure which model is older , but I'm just guessing from checking on line that the vf550m is older than the xvt553sv , which means it may have other things available or less depending on the options for the unit. please email me if you can give me a yes or a no go on this and if you have any good advice that could help me out . Thanks in advance for any help you can give me on this .... Thanks for reading...... Michael

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    Michael, I really can't say this would be a good idea unless you were able to get the other Vizio for free and the took them both apart. It very well may work, but then again it could be a big waste of money. There is also a big shock risk not only from the power supply, but also the panel itself.

    I think I would try to recycle the set and buy another one. Great having you on the forum.

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    The only thing worse then a Vizio TV is a broken Vizio TV. I would take it to the local landfill.

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    Thank u Tracy for your reply and advice , I did some more searching on the web and looking at the specs on the models the vf550m screen is a one of those razor 2" slim lcd panel and the xvt553sv lcd screen is close to 3 " , so does not seem like thats gonna work . But I guess I'll try looking on ebay to find a replacement screen, maybe I'll get lucky....I hope .Would you happen to know of any additional places that I may have luck in finding . Please let me know ....thanks again for your response............Michael

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    Michael, I wish I had a better answer for you. Most of the LCD, LED and Plasma displays out there are sold at a very tiny profit margin. I think that even if you were to find a new panel for your broken Vizio, it would not really be worth the repair.

    I remember Jerry Del Colliano telling a story about having a Plasma repaired once. I think it required a new display panel and I was shocked at how much the repair was. In the end, I highly doubt it would be worth it.

    Either way, repair or replace, good luck. Let us know what you do, I love DIY projects. I just don't like to loose on the price end of the equation.


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