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    Mozaex BluWavs 7.1 Headphones

    I had never heard of Mozaex before today but they are better known for their multi-room Blu-ray servers.

    This past weekend, the company announced a new product which they call the world's first headphones that can support discrete 7.1 audio. Yes, I did type discrete 7.1 audio because Mozaex claims the headphones have ten discrete speakers integrated in each pair.

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    Not only ten discrete speakers, but each one of those speakers can be individually adjusted for volume and EQ via the "BluWavs Blender Audio Console". Together the BluWavs duo will support L PCM, DTS-HD Master, and Dolby TrueHD Audio with a bitrate of up to 27MBS.

    “Mozaex has once again set a new standard in luxury home entertainment with the release of the first headphones to support Blu-ray 7.1 discrete HD Audio,” said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm.
    But there's more, they even have a built in subwoofer, amp and crossover.

    I'm not totally sure what the market is for this product, but I sure wouldn't mind demoing them.

    MSRP USA $USD Pricing
    BluWavs-A10: Analog Blender, Headset – $1,295
    BluWavs-AE10: Analog/EQ Blender, Headset – $1,695
    BluWavs-D10: Digital 4-Way-HDMI Switch Blender, Headset – $1,695
    BluWavs-DR10: D10 plus Receiver Blender, Headset – $2,595
    BluWavs-Headset-10: Additional BluWav Headset – $795
    BluWavs are shipping on November 1, 2012.

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    Update on this story, I just received a PM from the companies CEO, Douglas Kihm. I'm sure he wouldn't mind me sharing.

    If anyone is going to CEDIA, they will be demoing the product there.


    Thank you for the article on BluWavs.

    We have been working on this product for almost 2 years and we are very excited to release them at CEDIA booth 5655.

    I hope you can stop by if you are there for a demonstration.

    As to your question regarding their primary application, we designed BluWavs to address a pent up demand for avid home movie watchers who either NEED to use headphones (to quietly watch movies without disturbing others) or they simply LIKE headphones for the enhanced immersive experience they offer.

    Because all new Blu-ray movies are now in either 5.1 or 7.1 HD Audio BluWavs uniquely enhances the quality by 10X to 18X when comparing the bit rate of HD to SD audio.

    You will hear for yourself the incomparable difference between the quality of stereo and BluWavs 7.1 discrete HD Audio.

    We are also now realizing that even 5.1 SD audio (iTunes movies etc.) and DTS HD Audio MUSIC sounds many times better than stereo.

    Hopefully this will encourage the resurgence of DTS 7.1 HD Audio music being released.

    Our focus groups are also testing games and they too report a vast improvement over earlier virtual surround headphones.

    This is only the beginning. I hope you have a chance to stop by for a demo.

    All the Best!

    Douglas Kihm
    3785 South 700 East
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    84106 USA
    Phone:801.685.9000 Ext. 229
    Phone:800.866.9797 Ext. 229


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