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    4K Upscale vs 4K Pass Through

    On Facebook, Home Theater Review posted a message that for folks looking to future proof their next receiver upgrade in anticipation of the 4K (Ultra HD) wave, they should get a 4K Pass through receiver instead of a 4K Upscale receiver.

    (I am paraphrasing the above from my memory of reading it on Facebook).

    Question I have is, one wouldn't want a 4K upscale receiver now since if you don't have a 4K TV, it is not beneficial to have, right?

    Am I correct in that understanding?

    If by chance you have the money and you bought a 4K TV at present, would one still get a 4K Pass through receiver or a 4K upscale so that at present you can get lower signals to 4K content?

    Just curious..

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    4K upscaling in an AVR is a feature I would not pay extra for, pass through is a bit different.

    Soon, 4K upscaling will be just as redundant as 1080 upscaling is now. For example, the new Oppo BDP-103 can upscale to 4K now. Now 4K pass through, will ensure that when 4K becomes a reality you'll be ready.

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    so, if you have a 4K tv at present and you buy a pass through receiver, you don't get to utilize this feature till 4K content is available as a source, right?

    But, if you bought a 4K upscale, you can use that now.

    However, to ensure you don't buy an upscale now and then buy a pass through later, might as well, get the pass through now and wait for the content, right?

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    I guess I'm saying that 4K upscaling will be the norm on most everything that you buy, really soon. As long as you have 4K pass through, chances are your next Blu-ray player will have the upscaling ability.

    Right now, there is no pressing need for 4K upscaling as the displays are going to be pricey for some time. As long as your next AVR will pass through, you are set. Either that or make sure that your 4K upscaling Blu-ray has dual HDMI outputs. One will go to your 4K capable display and the other will deliver HD audio to your non-4K AVR.

    In your case, I would buy the new Oppo BDP-103 which has both dual HDMI and 4K upscaling and worry about the rest later.

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    Thanks Tracy. Trying to be future proof is tough! lol


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