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    Oppo BDP-103 and BDP-105 Firmware Updates (The Official Thread)

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    Since the BDP-103 and BDP-105 is brand spanking new, I thought I would start an official thread for firmware updates and their descriptions. Here's the first update.

    December 6, 2012
    A new major Beta Release for the BDP-103 and the BDP-105 players is available for download. This firmware addresses most observed audio and video synchronization errors when playing back physical media, attached user generated media through USB and the network, and the digital inputs; fixes errors related to poor de-interlacing and scaling of DVD media introduced in the previous Beta Firmware; includes opt-in/out controls for gracenote scrubbing.

    You can find this firmware, and its installation instructions, on our support website:

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    I still haven't opened my box yet as I am waiting to install it until we move.

    False alarm on a LAME ASS offer on my house that we rejected.

    I can't wait to get it up and running.

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    New firmware update released today.

    OPPO BDP-103/BDP-105 Blu-ray Disc Player Firmware Update
    How to Get the Firmware Upgrade:
    There are three easy ways to upgrade your player's firmware.
    If your player has an Internet connection:
    1. Via Network - This is the easiest and fastest way.

    If your player does not have an Internet connection:
    2. USB Thumb Drive - Use your computer and a USB thumb drive.
    3. Firmware Upgrade Disc - Use your computer to make a firmware upgrade disc.
    Release Information:
    Release date: December 12, 2012.
    Category: Latest Official Release

    Main Version: BDP10X-38-1211
    Loader Version: 6U0900 (BDP-103), 7B0600 (BDP-105)
    Sub Version: MCU103-05-0916 (BDP-103), MCU105-04-1113 (BDP-105)
    If you are unable to perform one of the above methods, you can submit a request for a firmware upgrade disc which can take up to 1 to 2 weeks to allow for shipping time.
    Warning: Although firmware upgrade is an easy and usually trouble-free process, it is important to ensure that the power supply to the player is stable, and the upgrade process is not interrupted. A failed firmware upgrade can render the player unusable.
    Release Notes:

    This version is designed for the OPPO BDP-103 and BDP-105 Blu-ray Disc players. This version is based on the latest Public Beta release version BDP10X-38-1205B. Comparing to the previous Official release version BDP10X-33-1018, the major changes are:

      1. Resolved the HDMI high bit-rate (HBR) audio loss issue with Anthem MRX 300/500/700 AV Receivers. Customers have reported that when sending DTS-HD MA or Dolby True HD signals in Bitstream mode through HDMI 1 OUT to these Anthem receivers, no audio was detected by Anthem and static noise could be heard on the speakers. This issue has been resolved.
      2. Improved audio/video synchronization for disc playback, internet streaming, and external HDMI/MHL inputs. In the previous firmware, customers have been reporting that the sound could be out of sync with the picture. This issue has been improved.
      3. Improved media file navigation on USB hard disk or thumb drives. Added Thumbnail View mode for Movie and Music. Customers can press the RED color button to quickly switch between File List mode and Thumbnail View mode. There is also an improvement to the responsiveness achieved by caching some of the media information in an "OPPO_Media_Info" folder on the USB drive. NOTE: for users who prefer that the player not write anything to the USB drive, there is a "Cache Media Info" item in the "Setup Menu" under "Device Setup". We recommend that you set this "Cache Media Info" option to ON and do not delete the "OPPO_Media_Info" folder and its files. This will deliver user experience improvement in media navigation. On the other hand, turning this option OFF can prevent the player from writing to your USB drive, at the cost of slower media file navigation.
      4. Added the "Blank HDMI 2" option in the Setup Menu -> Video Setup -> 3D Setting. This allows the player to force HDMI 2 to output a 2D blank screen when HDMI 1 outputs 3D video. Some customers reported that during 3D movie playback, when HDMI 1 was connected to a 3D display and HDMI 2 was connected to a non-3D receiver which in turn is connected to the same 3D display, there was no audio coming from the receiver. This issue has been resolved.
      5. Resolved the incorrect aspect ratio (AR) during some user-created media. In the previous firmware the player may have unnecessarily pillarboxed or stretched the video of some user-created media files. This issue has been resolved.
      6. Resolved an incompatibility with older Digital Coaxial or Optical receivers where streaming services (such as Netflix, YouTube) produced no audio.
      7. Added support for "Rhapsody" online music and "CinemaNow" movie/TV streaming services.
      8. Added "Sleep Timer" option in the Setup Menu -> Device Setup. This allows the player to turn itself off after a specific amount of time.
      9. Added support for converting Side-by-Side and Top-Bottom formatted MKV into 3D. During the playback of a compatible MKV, press the 3D button on the remote once to turn on the "2D->3D" conversion then press the 3D button again to display the "3D Setting" menu. Select "Side-by-Side" or "Top-Bottom" to match the source to convert the image to 3D.
      10. Added the support for DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD sound tracks in MKV files. As with any user-encoded media files, compatibility still depends on the software and techniques used to encode the media files.
      11. Added "CD Program Play" function for CD/SACD playback. During the disc playback, press the YELLOW COLOR button to bring the "Program Play" interface. Here you can use the LEFT/RIGHT ARROW button to set a desired playlist.
      12. General disc compatibility improvement based on recent and upcoming Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples.

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    New update on December 28, 2012.

    We have released a new minor Beta Firmware Release for the BDP-103/105 players to fix issues where the BDP-105 would improperly recognize SACD media as CDDA media and to resolve an issue with the Roku Streaming Stick not performing a firmware upgrade successfully when connected to the MHL port of the player.

    You can find the latest firmware, release notes, and download links and instructions on our website: OPPO BDP-103/105 Blu-ray Disc Player Firmware Update

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    New update for the BD-103 and BD-105 on March 26, 2013.

    OPPO BDP-103/BDP-105 Blu-ray Disc Player Firmware Update
    How to Get the Public Beta Firmware Upgrade:
    There are two easy ways to upgrade your player's firmware.

    1. USB Thumb Drive - Use your computer and a USB thumb drive.
    2. Firmware Upgrade Disc - Use your computer to make a firmware upgrade disc.
    Release Information:
    Release date: March 26, 2013.
    Category: Latest Public Beta Test Release

    Main Version: BDP10X-50-0323B
    Loader Version: 6U0900 or 7B0800 (BDP-103), 7B0800 (BDP-105)
    Sub Version: MCU103-05-0916 (BDP-103), MCU105-04-1113 (BDP-105)

    Note: Although firmware upgrade is an easy and usually trouble-free process, it is important to ensure that the power supply to the player is stable, and the upgrade process is not interrupted. A failed firmware upgrade can render the player unusable.

    This release is still a beta test version, not an official release. Use it only if you would like to experiment with the new features and improvements. There is a very small chance of the new features and improvements not working properly. If that happens, please report any issue to us.
    Release Notes:

    This version is designed for the OPPO BDP-103 and BDP-105 Blu-ray Disc players.
    Special Notice:

      1. It is not possible to revert back to any previous official or beta firmware releases once this version is installed on the player. There will be no problem upgrading to any future official or beta firmware releases.
      2. Due to the extensive changes in this major firmware update, it is required that the user performs a "Reset Factory Defaults" operation after the firmware is installed. Please write down your special settings before doing this, and remember to re-apply your settings and adjust the proper volume level (if applicable) before you play any content. You may experience stability issues if this step is not performed.
      3. The new decoder firmware supplied by our chip vendor tightens the validation check for AVCHD file format. If the files in the BDMV folder do not fully comply with the AVCHD specification, the folder will not play. (For example, if the files are from a disc backup instead of an original AVCHD recording, the player will reject it.)
      4. The VUDU application has been updated and some titles now have subtitles. However, turning on subtitles may result in the player exiting to the HOME menu unexpectedly. We are currently working with VUDU to resolve this issue.

    Comparing to the previous Official release version BDP10X-38-1220, the major changes included in this version are:

      1. Added support for Direct Stream Digital (DSD) file playback from local storage. The DSD files can be either stereo or multi-channel. Both the DFF and the DSF formats are supported.
      2. Added support for CUE file playback. The function can be applied to music files on local storage and supported audio formats include FLAC, WAV, APE and MP3.
      3. Added a feature that allows the creation of playlists while accessing music files from local USB storage. When navigating these music files, pressing the OPTION button will bring up a menu with a prompt to either "Add to playlist" or "Goto playlist". The created playlist file is stored within the local USB storage, inside "OPPO_Media_Info/playlist".
      4. Added support for the AIFF audio format.
      5. Added support for the ExFAT file system.
      6. Added additional Crossover Frequency selections (50, 70, 130, 140 and 160Hz) in the "Setup Menu"->"Audio Processing"->"Crossover".
      7. Added a feature that allows the user to decide which mode (Auto, Film and Video) to use when performing video de-interlacing. This can be set in "Setup Menu"->"Video Setup" -> "HDMI Options"->"De-interlacing Mode".
      8. Added DMR Seek capability, so the user can drag the progress bar on the DMC side and adjust the media file playback progress on the player.
      9. Removed a limitation in "Audio Processing"->"Speaker Configuration", that turns off the SBL and SBR speakers automatically when the Center speaker is set to "Off". However, if the SL and the SR speakers are set to "Off", the SBL and the SBR speakers will still be muted.
      10. Resolved a recently reported FLAC file playback failure issue. Some FLAC files made from the latest version of the EAC (Exact Audio Copy) software tool could not be played on the BDP-103/105 players. This issue has been resolved.
      11. Improved the down-mixing algorithm for the BDP-105's headphone output. This results in better volume and sound stage when playing certain multi-channel audio sources.
        • This change takes advantage of the main audio DSP (digital signal processor) that is normally assigned to the multi-channel analog output. When headphones are connected, the multi-channel analog output is muted and the DSP is temporarily reconfigured for stereo down-mixing and its output is routed to the headphone amplifier. Please do not try to adjust the player's audio processing settings while the headphones are plugged in, as these settings are only temporarily used and will be restored to the user's original settings when the headphones are removed.

      12. Added a feature that allows the adjustment of the audio delay time within the range of -100ms to +100ms. This can be set under "Setup Menu"->"Audio Processing" -> "A/V Sync", and the delayed time will be applied to all output terminals including HDMI 1 and 2, Coaxial, Optical, and 7.1 outputs (including the Stereo outputs of the BDP-105).
        • The actual audio delay effect might be different for each of the output terminals due to the different audio process algorithms and signal paths used for each output. Please adjust this setting based on the actual output terminal in use.
        • The negative adjustment values are for cancelling out the audio delay that the player automatically applies. Depending on the video source and the time it takes to process the video, the main decoder chip automatically applies an audio delay in order to optimize audio video synchronization. The negative manual settings reduce the automatic audio delay, while the positive manual settings apply additional delay. Any negative value setting beyond the player's automatic delay will be treated as completely cancelling the automatic delay. For example, if the "A/V Sync" value is manually set to -100ms and for the current video source the player applies a 70ms automatic audio delay, the final result is that the 70ms audio delay gets cancelled and the audio is not delayed at all. It is not possible to put audio ahead of video using this setting.

      13. Resolved the brief audio popping issue found on the 7.1 and Stereo audio outputs. This popping noise could happen when the player is processing content from a television cable box (through the HDMI inputs), and when channels are switched on the cable box. This issue has been resolved.
      14. Added basic support for a USB keyboard. Some of the supported keys and their functions are:
        • Numerical keyboard: if Num Lock is turned on, functions as Numerical buttons; if Num Lock is turned off, functions as navigation buttons ("2", "4", "6", "8").
        • ARROW buttons (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT): functions as navigation buttons.
        • HOME button: functions as HOME button.
        • END button: functions as STOP button.
        • Page Up/Down buttons: functions as PAGE UP/DOWN buttons.
        • ESC button: functions as RETURN button.
        • ENTER button: functions as ENTER button.
        • SPACE button: insert a space between characters on the soft keyboard.

      15. General disc compatibility improvement based on recent and upcoming Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples.

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    May I ask a question?

    This is a beta version. Is there really a need to download this now, or, because I am totally inept at doing these things, should I just wait until the finished version is released and the machine does all this by itself on my network connect?

    Is there a pressing need to do this if I have no issues with the 105?

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    Avoid beta unless it addresses a show stopper issue for you. The release version won't be far behind.

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    THANKS! Good to know

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    My player has a message every time I power it on. It asks if I want to update the firmware. I assume it is an official update and not the Beta updates.

    I always skip it. If it ain't broke..........

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    Re: Oppo BDP-103 and BDP-105 Firmware Updates (The Official Thread)

    What are your opinions on which hdmi port to output through?

    I feel like the qdeo chip on hdmi1 tends to crush some blacks, especially in darker scenes. This may be a gamma issue, but i wanted you see what you guys think.
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