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    Anthem Announces Statement D2v 3D and AVM 50v 3D

    Ealier in 2012, Anthem announced that owners of their Statment D2v and AVM 50v AV preamps could have them upgraded to pass 3D video. Now, they are offering the two processors with 3D passthrough, already installed.

    From Home Theater
    The latest generation Statement D2v 3D and AVM 50v 3D have 8 HDMI inputs and 2 parallel outputs: HDMI Inputs 1 through 4 and HDMI Output 1 now support 3D pass-through mode, automatically switching to it upon sensing a 3D source.

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    When detecting the presence of 3D video, the new Anthem circuit boards go into pass-through mode as per a source menu option for video output configuration, passing the 3D HDMI signal from a 3D Blu-ray player to a 3D display at resolutions up to 1080p. For additional convenience, in pass-through mode the output refresh rate is now automatically matched to the source's frame refresh rate, useful for sources that output a mix between 24, 50 and 60 Hz.

    A physical upgrade for existing owners of the Anthem preamplifier/processors will also be available (shipping to start in August, 2012) via a new dealer-installed mezzanine board, which replaces the two smaller video boards for HDMI Inputs One through Four and HDMI Output One. A software update, downloaded from the Anthem website, will also be part of the upgrade package. Complementing the 3D switching and automatic pass-through features, the upgrade equips both processors with video processor bypass for 2D, useful for reference quality video content that does not require cleanup or scaling. The on-screen status display information does not apply in "through" mode, since video processing is bypassed.

    In developing the upgrades, Anthem subjected both A/V processors to rigorous compliance testing in order to achieve HDMI certification. As a pioneer in the troubleshooting and integration of HDMI, Anthem understands how to use these connections to their fullest. The processors are equipped with four additional HDMI inputs (for a total of eight) and one additional HDMI output (for a total of two), delivering unprecedented connection capabilities for a preamplifier/processor. All inputs and outputs offer Deep-Color support (36-bit).

    The Anthem Room Correction (ARC) system also comes standard with the latest Statement D2v 3D and AVM 50v 3D. While equalizing frequency response in a room to achieve some generic (i.e. "flat") response is a common approach to solving problems with room acoustics, Anthem engineers feel it results in an unnatural-sounding spectral balance since it does not account for in-room cues that the human ear/brain mechanism expects. ARC differs from other systems in that it uses proprietary processing to compute each speaker's in-room frequency response and then computes a target frequency response for each.

    The Statement D2v 3D and AVM 50v 3D are currently available for order. US FMV for the Anthem Statement D2v 3D is $9,499 and for the Anthem AVM 50v 3D, $6,499. The US FMV for the 3D upgrade kit is TBA. For more information, visit Welcome to the New Official Anthem® Audio Video Website..

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    I wonder what the update price is for the D2v owners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KennyT View Post
    I wonder what the update price is for the D2v owners.
    I haven't heard what the cost is. To me, if I were that into 3D and had a D2v, I would just buy an Oppo Blu-ray and run one HDMI output to the display an the other to the D2v for HD audio.

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    I wonder, in all seriousness, if this sort of "announcement" is really helps anyone. I suspect the total units shipped for either of these quite pricey units is even in the five figure range. Of those folks that bought this units when the features were closer to "cutting edge" I wonder how many folks have been itching to incorporate an appropriate 3D display into their system(s). Half? A quarter? Further it seems to me that the kind of systems likely to have a pre-pro like either of these from Anthem was almost certainly setup by the kind of installers that do some pretty fancy installs...

    I imagine conversations like this:
    "Hey I know you don't want to hear this but I was over at Costco with my wife and kids and they wanted to know why the still new smelling home theater that I paid your firm about 40x what the displays at Costco are going for can do 3D and we can't. I want you to get over and do something."
    "Well you know how your 911 turbo is not exactly designed for winter driving, so the home theater is more of a , uh, reference type system that ain't exactly designed for spinning UP for the kids with 3D glasses..."
    "Just do something."
    "Ah, OK, a new 3D projector and glasses will cost about $7k."
    "WHAT? Ok, just do it. And don't let anyone know you had to switch out anything."
    "Ah, and we'll have to get, uh, a different pre-pro/reciever"
    "GEEZE, and what'll that cost?"
    "I can get something for you that is under a thousand dollars..."
    "Fine. And make sure you reprogram the remote control system so that everything still works with one touch"
    "We will. You know our programming rate is $250/hr"
    "Just send the bill to my office, I'll never hear the end of it if the bill shows up in the household expenses."
    "We'll be out their first thing Tuesday and I will make sure not to mention this is anything other than "routine service check"..."
    Joseph Zgymunt

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    Anthem hasn't had much of an equipment update on processors. I don't blame them for wanting to keep their name in the AV news, and I suppose that saying that these two products are now 3D friendly, is news.

    Personally I wouldn't buy into the 3D "upgrade" and an Anthem. Now, if 4K becomes a reality and is mainstream, maybe then a 4K upgrade will be meaningful.


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