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    Noble Fideltiy

    I was convinced I needed a pair of L-85 LCRS after reading Andrew's review and so I contacted them to order a pair. I soon heard from Greg Ford from Noble Fidelity and that's was the beginning of my extraordinary experience of customer service.
    Greg helped to evaluate my needs and not only did he recommend a more suitable pair of speakers (less expensive ones at that, too!) but also took the time to properly locate the speakers in my future "man cave."
    I've not yet installed the L-65's Greg recommended but have the utmost trust in his advice. It may sound naive but Greg at Noble Fidelity provided me with the kind of service each of us hope to receive (especially when investiing in AV equipment) but rarely experience.
    If you are uncertain on which in-wall/ceiling speaker to consider, I would encourage you to look to Greg Ford and Noble Fidelity.
    I hope you are as satisfied with your decision as I am.

    Bill in Tallahassee

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    Good to hear you had a great experience, thanks for sharing.

    What other equipment are you going to use in the Man Cave?

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    Greg is the man. One of the nicest people in the business that I know.

    The level these guys go to make sure your in-walls sound audiophile-good is amazing.

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    We've ordered fronts (M-Lore, center and sub) from Eric Alexander at Tekton Designs (another decision influenced by Andrew Robinson...and others) and a Marantz SR5007 AVR. I've not decided on a TV yet but I've got some time.
    If you have a suggestion, I'd be interested.

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    Thanks to and reviews provided there I was able to learn about Noble Fidelity and ultimately, Greg Ford. I'm so glad I was able to have his guidance...quality company/product represented by quality people.


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