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    Lefisc's Two Channel and Home Theater System

    I really didn’t expect Home Theatre! But I bought my speakers with quality musical sound in mind and it has worked out.

    Amplifier (center) Krell FPB 450Mcx
    Amplifier (front 2 channel) Krell Evolution 600e
    Amplifier (3 rear channel) Proceed HPA-3
    CD/SACD Player: Krell Cipher
    FM Tuner Day Sequerra FM Reference
    Headphones Stax Lambda Pro
    Internet Radio Sonos
    Speakers Revel Ultima Salon 2
    Center Channel Revel Ultima Voice 2
    Rears and Back Surround Thiel Powerplanes
    Sub-Woofers: 2 SVS SB 13 Ultra
    Turntable VPI 19 Mark 4
    Tonearm SME 309
    Cartridge Audioquest 401i
    Record Cleaner VPI 17

    Home Theatre
    Blu-Ray Player Oppo BDP 105
    Surround Controller Krell 707 3D
    HDTV Receiver Verizon
    Laser Disc Pioneer Elite 95
    Video Projector JVC DLA-RS66U
    Video Screen Vue Tech 108

    Universal Remote Control MX850
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    Interesting assemblage of components. Sorta curious as to what sort of guidance you've had in setting things up. Most of the high end dealers I have worked with seem to enjoying helping customers position gear for the maximum enjoyment and other find that relatively minor expenditures on "room dampening" and/or free advice on placement can have a big impact...
    Joseph Zgymunt

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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting your theater.

    Nice equipment, but that looks like it would be a challenging room. I know in my situation, low ceilings and odd shape, I have a few acoustic issues to overcome.

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    Joe and Tracy, thank you for your comments. But I have a question for you.

    Let me mention that I bought my house 20 years ago, before I ever thought of home theatre, and use a room 14-18 feet, with a cathedral ceiling. We called it the “stereo room” not knowing the future. Then, my Thiels sounded great! Now, the room still sound great and there is a definite “spacyness” because of the ceiling that add depth and openness. Buit I have wanted a pro to come over and help.

    As I built the Home Theatre around my two channel sound, I got a projector so not to put a big box, then, between the speakers.

    I bring this up because there isn’t a place to easily go to and have someone come over and help with room damping. One store told me that they would come over and….”for $600 tell me what is wrong with my whole system.” He didn’t just want to do room dampening, he wanted me to buy his amps and speakers! And I have to pay him $600 just to come over.

    Even if I wanted my projector professional calibrated, those places are gone.

    In that 20 year period there had been 25 Audio stores between my house and business 30 miles away. Most were “mid fi” and had a hi end room in the back, a couple were just high end. There were also 10 different big box stores, such as Circuit City and the Wiz.

    Only four Audio stores remain. Two are the old fashioned ones, with stock (one far higher end than the other) and two that are home theatre stores*, both with no stock. Again, one has high end the other is mostly lower. As for the big box stores only Best Buy remains and that, I understand is failing.

    Three of the stores, including where I had bought much of my current stuff have moved, 50, 120, and one moved 1,500 miles to Florida. I live in the Northeast.

    My question is simply: Is this true all over? Are we losing mid prices (and higher priced) audio stores? What’s replacing them if the big box stores are failing? The Internet?

    *Not having put in my system, the owners of this store have no interest in coming over. They kept telling me that they would come when they had the time, but they never have.

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    I think your area may have more options than mine here in north Georgia.

    Why don't you make a drawing of your room, with measurements, and post it on the forum. Be sure to list the current placement of equipment, doors and windows. I know that Andrew and RayJr. are pretty good with room acoustics and can make some recommendations.

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    I agree with Tracy -- a rough sketch of the space with some dimensions would be a start. You have quite a nice assemblage of equipment and it would be a shame not to try to optimize your enjoyment.

    The trend of bricks & mortar stores closing is pretty universal. The better run places cancertainly deliver better value than "$600 to see the place" though I have no doubts that many folks still in business live to sell interconnects and speaker cables that cost more than any of the active source components sold at places like Best Buy.

    The reality is that even folks that may have six figures into a system are not always keen to spend more unless there is a good return for the value...

    Thing too is in terms of "value" too many hobbyists / consumers falsely believe that spending big money on well reviewed items but purchased "online" at some seemingly huge discount in better than spending more modest sums on less heavily promoted products setup with a little more care...
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    Joseph Zgymunt

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    Additionally, you could take the measurements suggested by Tracy. And call GIK Acoustics directly. Perhaps Andrew could direct you to the link of the article he wrote on GIK and their services.

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    Tracy and Joe,

    I don't know Andrew and RayJr. and they certainly don't know me!!!!! I would not want to impose on them. Where can I go on this site and politely ask them for advice? And thanks for your help. You are right, oif a little tweaking makes it better, that's great!

    And Langood, thank for your suggestion. I will fill out the forms on the
    GIK Acoustics site and call them for advice! You ahve all been a great help to me.

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    I got in touch with GIK Acoustics and they gave me some good advice that will have to think over and make some measurements for.! Thanks again

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    Lefisc.... You are most welcome.


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