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    Best Plasma TV Modes for Rendering Movies?

    Some higher end plasma TV’s offer 48 Hz and/or 96 Hz refreshrates for rendering 24 frame/sec movies with minimal video processing. Are there visible differences between 48 and96 Hz refresh rates, and if so what are they? Are they clearly better than 60 Hz?

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    Since those are all multiples of 24, you shouldn't have any issues. My favorite plasmas are from Panasonic.
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    The 48Hz mode, at least on Panasonic plasmas, produces very obvious flicker that is quite distracting. I don't recommend it. The 96Hz mode works well, though.

    Are these modes clearly better than 60Hz? At least with 3D content, the 96Hz mode in a plasma produces a lot less crosstalk. With 2D, I guess it depends on how bothered you are by the juddery look of film sources on a TV. I personally am not bothered by judder, and I think you really have to look hard at a source to see the difference between 24fps film shown at 60Hz and 96Hz. I'm sure others will disagree.
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    I can't stand the flicker of 48 Hz ...

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    Most film projectors show each frame three times (effectively 72Hz). The 3 bladed shutter came about to help with the flicker from the 2 bladers that were first introduced "back in the day". (effectively 48Hz).

    For more data:
    Frame rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Flicker fusion threshold - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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