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    Krell S-550i Integrated Stereo Amp (Now Shipping)

    Krell has announced that they will begin shipping their latest stereo integrated amplifier, this week. The S-550i boasts 275 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and doubles that into a 4 ohm load.

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    The S-550i has both balanced and single-ended inputs, iPod dock, and Theater Throughput™ mode. Developed by Krell, Theater Throughput™ simplifies integration into home theater systems. For custom integration applications, 12 volt triggers, RS-232 connectivity and rack mount ears are included.

    From the Krell S-550i product page:
    Preamplifier HighlightsThe preamplifier section features circuit concepts from Krell's flagship Phantom preamplifier. Krell Current Mode provides unequaled bandwidth for the most revealing playback of today's high resolution music sources. Direct coupled circuitry eliminates impact-robbing capacitors from the signal path and an elegant, custom-machined level control adjusts volume. Discrete circuitry, in a balanced topology, is afforded its own power supply regulation. All signal gain is realized using surface mount technology featuring proprietary current mirrors with nearly 500 times the open loop linearity of other designs. Negative feedback is not used anywhere in the preamplifier, nor is it necessary. Open-loop distortion is typically less than 0.003%. The volume control is realized with a balanced resistor ladder - bandwidth and transient response of the preamp circuitry are virtually unaffected by the volume setting.
    Power Amplifier Highlights
    The S-550i packs a massive 1,750 watt transformer and 68,000μF of capacitance into an elegant 5" high chassis. This power supply feeds classic Krell circuitry throughout the topology using only discrete circuitry. As with all Krell amplifiers, the S-550i design is an ideal voltage source. That is, the S-550i doubles its power output when a speaker's impedance is halved. For the S-550i, the results are 275 watts into 8 Ohms and 550 watts into 4 ohms. This capability is essential for realistic reproduction of a recording's dynamic content. Most amplifiers can't deliver this power doubling, leaving music sounding compressed and lifeless.
    The S-550i shares the same cosmetics as its little brother, the S-300i and is available in either black or silver. A brushed-aluminum remote control is included.

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    There you go Tracy, a complete stereo amplifier for your music pleasure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k0rww View Post
    There you go Tracy, a complete stereo amplifier for your music pleasure.
    Love to have it, it's the $5000 MSRP that's stopping me.

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    I have the 300i and love it. I powered the top of the line PSB in-walls with it for years and its been absolutely fantastic. My only issues have been heat under duress on LONG listening sessions. A little fan in my rack would have helped but I am moving so I don't care at this point.

    The 500w Krell is bigger and better. I would have liked to see a DAC in it and a few simple HDMI inputs. I don't need it to be a home theater receiver but just to allow modern servers and sources to run through it. But then again, I am nit picking. Those HUGE transformers inside of the Krell cost big money and make a Krell amp sound like no other. You do get what you pay for.

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    I love this thing! Yes, I would also like a DAC in it, but that is not what it is made for. This is a sick high powered 2 channel amp (sort of like the new sibling of the FBI they had years ago) I LOVE Krell amps and would be proud to have this piece! I do not find $5k too pricey either, but then again, I live in the 1% market.....

    I love the Evo looks of it as well!


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