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    Silver would be fine, as long as it was a brushed finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy Rainwater View Post
    Clearly didn't think that one through.

    I know what you mean. It surprises me that all the display manufacturers continue to use a glossy bezel around their displays. Yes, they are making the bezels thinner, but there is always something reflecting off them.
    The TV bezels are my other pet peeve. I liked the light black or dark gray previous finishes and they disappeared in short order. Even PC monitors have the gloss finish. You couldn't have a planned tranistition any better that the adoption of gloss finishes by every manufacturer.

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    I'd like to know who made the decision to eliminate silver & white flat screen colors. There is still a need for these colors such as in kitchens, Bathrooms. Bring them back; they look great. SamSung used to make a white 37" LCD. I'd like to buy them back from the people that I sold them to. Nice.


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