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    Suitable for low end receiver?

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    Gonna go out on a limb and say that the EMP bookshelf speakers might just be the best "cheap" speakers I've heard to date. Just stunning. At $250/pair they're worth having just to keep other speakers in your setup (and you) honest.
    Just wondering if these speakers would perform well with a lower end receiver. I have a new "base model" $230 Yamaha AVR, and I am concerned that the lower sensitivity may not perform as well as with your reference quality test items. I am looking to upgrade some very tiny(think coffee cup size) JBL two way speakers that I am currently using as my front channel speakers for my home theater. The price fits my budget but was wondering if something along the lines of the Klipsch KB-20 would be a better option for me due to the higher sensitivity rating. I have a base model 10" polk powered subwoofer. In a nutshell, I am looking for the best quality bookshelf speaker around this price point that will work well with a lower end receiver.

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    I am replacing my JBL N26's that i have been using as front L&R in my home theater. I was leaning heavy towards the Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000s, but was worried about how they would be for loud music/rock. I came across your article, and it sounds like these speakers work well for both High Def movies and loud music.So I looked more at EMP and saw your review for the ON-Wall speakers from EMP. Are the On-wall speakers capable of cleaner louder music than the bookshelves powered by a 100W/channel receiver?

    Also it looks like only the size of the cabinet changes through the three models of On-Wall speakers from EMP. Is there any value to going with the larger cabinet other than aesthetics?
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    Welcome to the forum, Droidboardr.

    Looking purely at their specs, it look both the on walls and the E5Bi have the same sensitive. However, the on walls say they can handle more power. Up to 100 watts on the E5Bi and up to 200 watts for the on wall series.

    Based on that, it looks like the on walls can better handle more power, even if it is purely peak power.

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    Thanks Tracy. So wall speakers it is. I think they look cooler anyways, so that works out well. Another question: The EMP center channel speakers are too large/tall to fit between my tv and mantle. Currently I have a pair of Orbs in my center, but i will upgrade those eventually, and move them to fill in the sides of my 7.1 future system. I read everywhere that you are not supposed to mix and match speaker brands, particularly L&R and center, and I want to build a great system eventually. Given that, should I hold off on the EMP wall speakers because i cant get a matching center? Should I look for another brand with a center that would fit? Or should I risk mixing and matching because, while I would like to be an audiophile, i cant afford to rebuild my living room around my tv?

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    I think it's important to match the center to the left and right speakers. If you can make it happen I would highly recommend it. Welcome to the forum by the way!

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    Ideally, I would want all my speakers the same, but especially the LCR.

    Is it possible t use the matching center, mount it above the display, and angle the speaker slightly downward? In other words, point it towards your main listening area.

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    It is an 8" deep speaker, so it might look a little weird sticking out above the tv. Also I would have to build a shelf because the E5Ci doesn't have any way to hang the speaker. That may not be the best way to go. Perhaps I should consider a different brand. Any recommendations? Any knowledge about Def Techs? Or should I start a new thread?

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    I would start a new thread, and show photos or drawing of what you have to work with.


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