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    SVS SoundPath Audio Interconnect Cables Review by Sean Killebrew

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    Those of you who are familiar with SVS likely know the company for its well-engineered subwoofers that offer a solid price-to-performance ratio. What you may not know is that, at the beginning of this year, SVS announced its entry into the realm of high-performance analog audio interconnects. The new interconnects come in six different lengths, starting at two meters ($29.99) and going all the way up to 15 meters ($59.99). They’re sold individually, should you want to connect a subwoofer, or you can order them in polarity-marked (red and white) pairs.

    The first thing you’ll notice when opening the bag is that there’s a degree of substance to these cables, as with all SVS products; they feel sturdy and well-engineered. Some of the notable features include gold plating on the center pin and outer contact ring, as well as multi-strand copper conductors. The outer connector shell features polished chrome plating, along with a prominent SVS logo. The cables are wrapped in an attractive black nylon covering, giving them the fit and finish of products that typically sell for at least twice the price.

    High Points
    • First and foremost, these are well-built, sturdy cables. Cables get banged around quite a bit as systems are moved, updated, etc. The SVS cables should hold up well under these circumstances.
    • In A/B testing between my WireWorld Solstice 6 analog interconnects and the SoundPaths, I heard no noticeable drop in resolution, imaging or performance in general, despite the fact that the WireWorld cable is twice the cost of the SVS SoundPath.
    • SVS offers one of the more generous in-home trial periods in the business at 45 days, which you can read about here. Why not test them against your existing cabling, free of charge?
    • It’s not uncommon for cables with this combination of build quality and performance to sell for at least two to three times what SVS is charging, so it’s safe to say they’re a relative bargain.

    Low Points
    • Typically, the better a cable is built, the more rigid it is. Due to their weight and rigidity, these cables can put a bit of strain on lower-quality connectors.
    • The packaging is pretty vanilla and looks like something you’d find at Target. However, if that keeps the price down, I consider it a solid trade-off.
    • Audio cabling is a crowded, competitive marketplace. While SVS has created a solid, well-priced offering, getting that message to the masses could prove to be a monumental task.

    Comparison and Competition
    The look and feel of the SVS SoundPath Interconnect is reminiscent of some AudioQuest cables I’ve seen over the years, so I’ll start with them, specifically, the Sidewinder analog interconnect, which retails for $85 for a two-meter pair (although you can now find them for as low as $40 for a two-meter pair) and appears to be similar in build quality to the SoundPath. I’m not sure if AudioQuest still manufactures the Sidewinder, but it’s readily available online. I’ve had great experience with WireWorld’s cables – everything from speaker wire to analog and USB offerings. A competitor to the SVS SoundPath would be the Luna 6, which can be had online for about $50 for a two-meter pair. The Luna 6 features WireWorld’s proprietary DNA-Helix design, which is said to dramatically improve imaging. Stepping up a bit in price, there’s the Kimber Kable entry-level analog interconnect, the Tonik, which can be found online for $100 for a two-meter pair.

    As stated above, this is a crowded field, and many of the high-end cable manufacturers are listening to the market, which is telling them to create high-performance cables that don’t cost a fortune. Audiophiles understand that, in order to have a truly exemplary home theater and/or stereo setup, you cannot have any weak links in the chain. SVS has created a product that will fill this need and leave you a couple of bucks to spend elsewhere. The bottom line is that, in terms of build quality and price-to-performance ratio, SVS has hit a home run with the SoundPath Interconnects.

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    THANKS for doing this review. I am planning to get SVS sub woofers this and was wondering about what cable to buy. Your review was very helpful

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    Nice looking cable. I get SVS making long or even custom length sub cables, but short interconnects?

    With most everything going HDMI, I would imagine the market for quality RCA-based cables has narrowed. I wouldn't think this would be a huge seller for SVS, but I really can't blame them for "throwing it out there".

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    SVS is on one hell of a roll with their new leadership.

    This is another example of a rock solid product from them.

    I've helped a few forum guys get themselves into SVS and they seem to be very happy. Very high value for the $$$...



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