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    Standard DVD Player future lifespan?

    Remember guys when the DVD player replaced the standalone CD player not a while back? Does anybody feel that the Bluray player will soon replace the standalone standard DVD player? Here in Vancouver, Canada we are already seeing Samsung selling their basic Bluray player on sales in various AVS retailers for $79.99 and that is Samsung not a cheap no-name brand company.

    FYI.....I once owned a no-name brand DVD player called Shinton. Just play around with the spelling and have some fun.

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    Things are moving so quickly towards streaming I wonder if the high-end will even bother with Blu-ray players, other than Oppo clones.

    Shinton, excellent name!

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    I haven't seen a Samsung at that price, but I have seen a Vizio at $88 USD. I can foresee DVD going the way of VHS. Pretty soon it will be just a economical to produce a Blu-ray player as it is a DVD player. The big hurdle will be improving the start up and load times of a Blu-ray player to match that of DVD.


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