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    Control4 Goes Public

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    Home automation company Control4 is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a big move. A move to the stock market.

    The company's CEO Martin Plaehn, has brought Control4 to the NASDAQ stock exchange with an initial public offering of 4,000,000 shares of its common stock. On August 2nd, pricing to the public was offered at $16.00 per share, before any underwriting discounts.

    From Mr. Plaehn's interview with Residential

    At Control4 our mission was to bring automation to the mainstream homeowners and families. And in order to do that we needed to build a platform in which thousands of devices could connect, so consumers had choice and could benefit from everything working together. When you link all of that together… if you want to deliver on that vision and dream, you’ve got to be the operating system in the home. And you have to pursue that with vigor and gain the traction you need to get to customers with a delivery channel that provides so much value, locally, consultative selling, installation, custom programming, support and services, ancillary products. It’s so important. Then we just keep growing. When we got to a scale like where we are today and we have the growth profile and the financial performance we have, additional tools become available to you through our free-market system and one of those tools is to become a publically traded company where you gain access to capital to strengthen your balance sheet and to have a public currency to continue to lead the industry and harness the efforts of other organizations.
    Although I have heard of Control4, I have never used it or seen it in action. Anyone use Control4 in their home or office?

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    I use Smarthome's Insteon products for home & media room control. I have too much invested to change.

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    Now their founders can have enough money to buy a Citation X and fly to trade shows....

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    If you are in Michigan and need some Control4 gear installed, these guys can help you out:
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    I never used control4 but I have heared that Control4 interfaces are awesome and are hard to beat!


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