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    How can i remote control my speakers?

    I have a speaker in my bathroom, but when I want to play music, I have to go to the living room to change the song. Is there any remote control extender which can achieve this?
    I have saw such one named Remote Control Extender for DVD IPTV Fans, seem like this device can achieve this.
    It says that the Emitter Range: 5-10CM, so that is enough for me to conrtrol this speaker in my bathroom.
    But, how dose this thing work? There are many output out there and should I buy a new remote control?

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    There are many ways to do long distance control, RF is one of the easiest, RS-232 can go any distance but requires hard wiring, thus more difficult especially in some situation. You can run control over RG6 as well. If you can run wire, do so, if not go RF if it covers the distance.

    In my last house I used RF (Radio Frequency remotes) and could control either system from anywhere in the house. This saved me running wire through the walls of an older home and wasn't that expensive (I didi it with Harmony 890 remotes)

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    Hey Hustoms, it is hard to say withour knowing your system but you can convert your current remote control to an RF remote using the Next Generation Remote Control Extender, which will allow you to use it in other rooms.

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    Like Kenny said, RF Remotes are great. The Next Gen is OK, but not great although it's cheap. What I really don't like about it is that every so often, you need to remove the Next Gen battery from the transmitter and re- charge it. Kind of a PITA.


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