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    A new three channel amp, a Krell 3025e, and a conundrum

    I have a question and a small confession to make.

    First, I am wondering what three channel amp I should buy for my 6.1 system. The funny attic that I have behind the rear of my sound room won’t allow me to have a 7.1 system

    Mt fronts are the Revels Salon IIs and a center of a Revel Voice II. They run on a pair of Krell 600e and, soon, a Krell 400e for the center. It’s on order, I am currently using the 450mcx.

    My three rears are Thiel Powerplanes. They are in wall speakers that match up quite nicely. My current amp is a 15 year old Proceed HPA-3 channel.

    The MAN from Krell suggested that I get their powerful 3250e and not their S1500/3. He feels that the Thiels would sound much better with the more powerful amp. Some really smart people here have suggested the Parasound and Outlaw Audio.

    Here is my confession, something I should not mention on this site: Money does make a difference. This year I bought the Krell 707, sub-woofers, a phono pre amp, a new JVC 66u projector and maybe a few other things.

    The 3250 lists for $10 grand, the lesser Krell for half that price. The Parasound is less.

    If the Krell 3250 is a big difference, I would save and do it. But the Powerplanes are in the walls and they are not required to give much bass (they are set for over 80dbs and my SVS subwoofers do the rest). So I really don’t know and there is no way I can audition these speakers.

    Does anyone here have an opinion? Si any familiar with these Krells?

    Surround Pre-Amp
    : Krell 707 3D; Amp: (center) Krell 400e; Amp Fronts Krell 600e; SACD: Krell Cipher; FM: Day Sequerra FM Reference; Blu-Ray: Oppo BDP 205; Speakers: Revel Ultima Salon 2; Center: Revel Voice 2; Rear/Back: Revel W990/Krell S1500 amp; Subs: 2 SVS SB-13 Ultra; Turntable: VPI 19 Mk 4 w/Tonearm SME 309 & Audioquest 401i; HDTV: Verizon; Projector: JVC DLA-RS 3000; Screen: Stewart Studio Tek 100; Internet Radio: Sonos; Remote: MX850; Pioneer Elite LDS-2 Laser Disc

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    Well, being a "Newbie" around here, notice my post count, you have to take what I say with a grain of salt.

    I assume this is for your rear sound stage of your theater. If you have 10K to drop on the Krell, go for it. You will never wonder if you could have done better at matching the front. There is no debate that Krell make some of the BEST power amps out there.

    That being said......

    I personally would go with another amp for my rear speakers. It's not that the rears are not important, but the emphasis should be on the front, if you are budgeting X amount of dollars on upgrades for your theater. In a home theater situation, most of the sound will be driven from the front three speakers. In addition, amps are even more important for two-channel audio. So, with your current Krell amp, in my opinion, you are set.

    Even better.......wait until you think the Proceed is on its way out. It may surprise you and live way longer than you think. I hear they are super nice, and pretty hard to kill.


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