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    Stylish and good sounding in ear headphones

    A few years ago I purchased a pair of Monster Turbines (not the pros) after looking for an in ear headphone that sounded good AND looked good. Although Monster doesn't make the best headphones cough beats cough and they tend to be overpriced I settled with them because I couldn't find anything else that fit my criteria.

    Although I don't quite have the money right now I would like to get new ones because the pair I have is starting to fall apart. I have heard very good things about the Turbine Pro Copper compared to the other Turbine models but am curious if I can get something better or at least cheaper that can compare to the Turbine Coppers.

    I know of a few in ears that sound good but one thing I believe in is that if I'm going to spend a lot of money on something it better look good. Who wants to buy a car that drives and costs as much as a Ferrari but then gag when they open their garage. That's just me.

    Anyway what are some good brands or headphones you guys know of that look and sound good? Also if anyone has listened to Turbines your thoughts and opinions on them because I have not been able to demo any in ears since they tend not to have those for demo at the store, and for good reasons

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    Look and sound good? I would imagine the new Bowers & Wilkins do both. The P7 and P3 are both over-the-ear models.

    Here's my post about the P7.

    I have not heard them, the info was from a press release, but they sure do look great. Not cheap, but not crazy expensive either.

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    I've already decided on over the ear headphones (Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited Gold) for causal listening. I prefer in ear headphones for more critical listening however. Do B&W make good in ears? I don't think I would mind settling for a pair of those as far as looks are concerned.

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    I have never heard any of their headphones, but their speakers are fantastic. Hopefully you can find a dealer near you for a demo.

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    Put Sennheisers on your list to check out.

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    The leaders for in-ear models include Shure, Etymotic Research, and Westone.
    Joseph Zgymunt

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    Try the Bowers & Wilkins C5. I travel a lot and replaced a pair of Shure in-ear phones with the B&W C5. I think they sound great (look great too) and help drown out the screaming kids and engine noise on planes. Go to Best Buy and try them out for a week. If you don't like them return them.

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    I think i'll try to get the C5's or at least listen to them. They seem like pretty good headphones all around. I know Sennheiser, Etymotic Research, and Shure make phenomenal headphones but they are a bit too expensive. In fact as i'm writing this my Turbines are making noise just from touching the cable


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