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    Flips Audio Headphone/speakers

    wonder if it really is worth buying??

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    Well, that's a new idea. Never heard of them.

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    Like a boom box for the next generation.

    Is there anything that keeps these kids from blowing their hearing out with the music blasting? The New York Times did a scary article on hearing loss on millenials.

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    I don't think these will catch on but they are definetly unique and going to get snatched up as Christmas presents.

    And about hearing loss, that is a real issue. As a teenager I see people everywhere crank their headphones and I personally believe it is because of a lack of bass.

    Everyone I see who has beats by dre love them because of the strong bass they supply and everyone else seems to crank their apple earbuds trying to get the same effect.

    When a friend offered to let me listen to their headphones (the newer apple earbuds) I took the chance to hear them because I heard they had improved but when I put them in it was playing at near max volume and I had to take them out soon after.

    Because so many people use the apple earbuds I think if apple improved the bass (and overall sound) less people would have bad hearing. But then again the main reason people use them is because they're cheap.

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    It will be interesting, but sad, to see what happens to the hearing of this generation of teens. Really, it starts before the teen years from what I have seen.

    Using earbuds and earphones as much as young people do today, can not be good for their hearing. The worst part is, the damage may not be immediately apparent. I live with a constant ringing in my ears. I did not use headphones when I was growing up. I can't imagine the constant use of them, would be good for your hearing.


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