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    I have never adjusted the crossover on the receiver. I used the Audessy calibration software that it came with. I will definitely look at where the crossover was set before trying the Orbs as L&R's. I will probably have time this weekend to play around with it. I can tell you that my wife will be excited if this works out.

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    You'll find the crossover setting, but you may have to do some digging into your AVR's menus.

    If you aren't currently using the Orbs as main left and right, you'll have to re run Audyssey. At least with my preamp, it shows me the settings after I run the calibration. Hopefully yours works that way too.

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    Well I played with the Orbs as Stereo L & R speakers last night, and I was impressed. The little orbs did a good job handling the volume and projection. Having said that, they are definitely missing in the low-mid range. I did have them paired with my sub, and while it worked surprisingly well, there was some sound missing when listening to my Foo Fighters CD. It could be a result of comparing them to some less precise larger speakers and so this may in fact be better sound. I did notice notes I had not been as aware of using the JBL N26's. Is it better than i had expected. Absolutely, but I kind of want more. My wife on the other hand is sold. I imagine I will probably be buying a couple pairs in the next few days. I suspect that I will be very happy and I will adjust to the different sound. And perhaps in the future I will come across some larger bookshelf or wall speakers that will compliment the orbs allowing me to move them to the surround. But as it is today Orbs seem like a solid way to proceed.

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    Glad to hear it worked well for you.

    Have you tried tweaking the sub to try and fill in the lower mid-range? Maybe overlapping the x-over point a bit to fill in that region?


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