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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Del Colliano View Post
    If there was money being made REST ASSURED that someone is waiting to sue. D+M have plenty of lawyers and if they thought there was an issue they could make SIM stop. My bet is that they actually SELL Sim the parts which helps them be more profitable but that is just a guess.
    From the article: Denon has confirmed that they have not knowingly provided any components to Simaudio for the manufacture of their CP-8.


    To Koulisakis’ knowledge, Denon was not contacted regarding this decision.

    Both parties have confirmed that there was no coordination and no communication. You're right, there would be a suit if there was money to be made, but Denon would spend more in lawyers fees than they could hope to recoup. Audyssey, on the other hand, is considering legal action.

    From he official facebook page:

    Derek Manikas

    Is there a reason that the Flagship Processor from Sim Audio the CP-8 only has Audyssey XT and not XT32? It costs over 20K!!!

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