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    Orb Audio

    I am getting a couple Orbs for my home theater system, and had a question about their outlet. They have some blemish speakers for a much better price. Has anyone had any experience with their blemished speakers. I assume that it is only cosmetic, but i couldn't find any example of what a blemished speaker looks like. I am planning on the Copper series speakers. Thoughts?

    I was also curious about the upgraded ModX speakers. I already have a pair of the old speakers. Will I have any trouble matching the new speakers with the old ones? What did they change to make the ModX's better than the old Mod's.

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    I know the Orb guys personally and I will vouch for them.

    They TRULY know how to treat a customer. If you have any questions - call Will at the NYC showroom and he will walk you through any questions you have.

    I personally would buy new but if money is tight - I wouldn't worry about the b-stock stuff.

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    Thanks. I did get in touch with Will. He was quite helpful in answering some of my questions. He said he would pick out the best looking blems that he had. Appreciate the help. I'll post picks of the blems whenever i receive them, so anyone else in the same boat will know what is up.

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    Sorry about not posting pics. Not sure any of the blems wold even come through in a pic. They look awesome. I couldn't even find the blems on a couple of them, so fear not if anyone else is considering ordering from the warehouse.

    I have another quandary. When I tested my orbs speakers a couple weeks ago for music I forgot that I had them set as large speakers(due to the fact that the N26's were large before). When i hooked up my new ones i changed this setting and set the crossover to 120 as recommended. Well I am less than impressed. While they sound beautiful, there feel empty. I am constantly turning up the volume to get some sort of awesome sound field, and it always feels lacking.
    So I went back and changed the speaker size to large, and the speakers are impressive again. Great sound, to where someone watching football yesterday commented about how they couldn't believe all the sound was coming from the little booby speakers. So I am happy once again, but I worry about long term damage to the speakers if I keep this setting. Crossover is still set to 120.
    Am I endangering my speakers using them this way? Since they are full range speakers, I thought perhaps they can handle it. Thoughts?

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    I wouldn't worry about it personally. If it sounds better running them full-range, then leave them there. You will know if you are pushing them to the point of damage.

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    I assume it has something to do with the crossover and possibly the frequency response curve of your sub.

    You could always try and vary the crossover point a bit.

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    I am glad to hear it worked out.

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    I will continue to fiddle with the receiver settings. Should I have Audessy, or Dynamic settings turned on, or Would all natural be better? Do these features help or hurt, or not really matter?

    Last question, for now at least. I intend to wall mount these speakers, and was wondering which position would be optimal. Yellow or Red? I was thinking that in the corners would be best for a larger sound-stage, but didn't know if there were any acoustical reasons to avoid the corners. I was planning to use the Orb Zero mounts, which put the speaker sticking straight out from the wall. My room is only 8' tall, and we sit about 12-14' away. Thoughts?
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