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Thread: REL T-9

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    REL T-9

    hi guys,

    what do you think of REL T-9 subwoofer?

    is it good?

    I found a review of it here.

    specs here.

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    Never heard of them.

    Seems strange to use a "low powered", in sub terms, A/B amp for a sub. I saw low powered because 300 watts really isn't that much. Also, the specs rate it at 28 Hz. That will get you most of the impact of most LFE soundtracks, but it will not get you into the room-shaking, gut-wrenching zone, below 20Hz.

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    REL is an AWESOME performance oriented subwoofer maker!

    I have demo'd their top-of-line Gibraltar at a local dealer and it was STUNNING in terms of performance. REL G1 SUBWOOFER at Music Direct

    Like many UK firms, they do not hype their specs and instead go very conservative in both quoting amp power and freq response.

    Of course their Gibraltar is priced like other "premier" speakers from Euro-zone manufacturers so those with a modest budget have to dream a bit...

    The SPL on their more affordable units are more conservative too, but the accuracy and durability are still first rate.

    S&V reviewed a unit between the the top-of-line Gibraltar and entry level -- REL Acoustics R-328 Subwoofer | Sound & Vision
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    Quote Originally Posted by renov8r View Post
    Like many UK firms, they do not hype their specs and instead go very conservative in both quoting amp power and freq response.
    True, some companies list peak power on their websites. You usually have to do some digging to find that out.

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    Every review I've ever read about REL subs left me with the impression that they make really nice furniture and that's about it. For their asking prices, Rythmik, SVS, Reaction Audio, Power SOund Audio, and HSU easily trumps anything REL puts out when comparing on a cost basis. My advice to the OP is stay away from REL for subs. The quality of REL is not the issue. Its the cost/performance aspect that hurts them.
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