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    Marantz AV7701 make sense for my system?

    Hi All,

    Well, first of all, this is my system:

    Turntable: Rega RP40 (have it)
    TV: Vizio 50 3D (have it)
    Video-Game: PS3 (have it)

    Rear Speakers: Dynaudio XEO3 (have it)
    Center Speaker: B&W HTM3S (have it)
    Processor/Preamp: ??????? Marantz AV7701 (don't have it yet)
    Front Speaker: ??????? PMC OB1, Revel F52, Dali Mentor 5 or Tekton Pendragon (don't have it)
    Multi-Channel Amp: ??????? Outlaw 7700, Sunfire 7201, D-Sonic M3-2800-7, Wyred4Sound MMC-7, Krell s-1500/5, Bryston 9B-THX, Classe CAV-180, Emotiva UPA-700, Parasound Halo A52, Simaudio MC-8.
    Subwoofer(s): ??????
    Cables: ?????? QED Ryby Anniversary Evolution

    So now you have an idea about my system, do you think the AV7701 make sense?

    Any thoughts is welcome.


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    14,158's very good.
    David Vaughn
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    Hi David,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. It appear to be right choice for my HT combination, but I was afraid if it has some issue combined to my inputs and others outputs.

    Do you have suggestion to the multi-channel amp or the front speakers?

    Again Thanks,


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