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    Which Multi-channel pick up for my system?

    Hi All,

    Well, first of all, this is my system:

    Turntable: Rega RP40 (have it)
    TV: Vizio 50 3D (have it)
    Video-Game: PS3 (have it)

    Rear Speakers: Dynaudio XEO3 (have it)
    Center Speaker: B&W HTM3S (have it)
    Processor/Preamp: ??????? Marantz AV7701 (don't have it yet)
    Front Speaker: ??????? PMC OB1, Revel F52, Dali Mentor 5 or Tekton Pendragon (don't have it)
    Multi-Channel Amp: ??????? Outlaw 7700, Sunfire 7201, D-Sonic M3-2800-7, Wyred4Sound MMC-7, Krell s-1500/5, Bryston 9B-THX, Classe CAV-180, Emotiva UPA-700, Parasound Halo A52, Simaudio MC-8.
    Subwoofer(s): ??????
    Cables: ?????? QED Ryby Anniversary Evolution

    So now you have an idea about my system, which one do you recommend?

    Any thoughts is welcome.


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    Senior Member David Vaughn's Avatar
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    I own a Halo A51 and wouldn't trade it for anything, but I also own the A23 for my rear surrounds and it rocks as well. I would consider the A52, the Outlaw, and Emotiva. If you want the cool factor (heat wise), then the Wyred4Sound would be a great choice. I reviewed one of their amps a few years ago and was VERY impressed with it.

    As for cables, you can't beat the price of monoprice Redmere cables, but I do use a Audioquest Carbon HDMI cable from my Oppo to my pre/pro and believe the audio sounds a bit cleaner, but it may be placebo.
    David Vaughn
    Technical Writer/Blu-ray Reviewer
    Sound and Vision Magazine

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    Hi David,

    Again thanks, I was writing to you in the other thread and you replied here at the correct place.

    Thanks for your thoughts

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    If I needed a new amp, the Parasound or Outlaw would be sitting in my rack.

    I have been running a Sunfire amp for years with no issue, so I don't dislike Sunfire. It and the Wired4Sound will both run 24/7 without a heat build up issue.

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    I have a list with price, from this list that is some prefered?

    PRIMARE A30.7 - $3,795.00

    Primare SP32 - $3,300.00

    Parasound Halo A51 - $2,700.00

    McIntosh MC207 - $4,750.00

    Krell S-1500 - $4,000.00

    Sunfire TGA 7201 - $2,449.00

    Sunfire TGA 7401 - $2,299.00

    Wyred4Sound MC-7 - $3500.00

    D Sonic M2 D Sonic 5 CH ICE Class D - $2,200.00

    Outlaw 7700 - $2149

    B&K Reference 200.7 - $2,998.00

    Bryston 9B ST - $1,499.00 to $2,799.00

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    If you can get a Parasound Halo A51, for $2,700.00, I would grab it. I was thinking they retailed for around $4K.

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    Senior Member David Vaughn's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Northern, CA

    $2700 is close to dealer cost...grab it!
    David Vaughn
    Technical Writer/Blu-ray Reviewer
    Sound and Vision Magazine

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    Well appear we have a winner.

    To be honest I'm thinking about my system, because I don't want to do bull****.

    I have the center speaker, front(seeing it) and rear speakers, now is time to think if it is a good idea to have a processor/pre + multichannel amp or receiver + Pre + Power(Integrate) + DAC, the second one has the option to put my system in vanilla stereo state, and it is interesting because I have a turntable, do you see ?
    Well, I'm really thinking on this, someone could share the experience on this?

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    Are you talking about preamp + amp, vs receiver + amp? If so, I would go for a preamp and power amp. Either way, you could always add a DAC or even an external phono preamp.

    If you go with a receiver + power amp, it's still going to put power to the internal amps, generating heat which is best avoided if possible.


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