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    Dan and Bret D'agostino's New Audiophile Company Bully Sound Company

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    Check out what our good friends Bret and Dan D'agostino are doing.

    Dan's signature designs are REALLY REALLY expensive. This new line promises to be a little more affordable although $14,000 plus for a 100 watt stereo amp isn't what anybody would call affordable.

    Stuff reminds me a little of Pass Labs.


    The Bully Sound Company, New Audio Electronics Company and Products

    Bret D’Agostino, son of world famous audio designer Dan D’Agostino, announced the launch of his new audio electronics company, Bully Sound Company (BSC).

    “I wanted to bring the magic of a finely tuned high end audio system to a more affordable arena without sacrificing performance or build quality, “said Bully Sound founder Bret D’Agostino. “I feel like there has been a negative shift overall in the sound of modern day audio equipment.” “My designs emphasize the fun and romance seemingly lost in today’s market place shy of a few and for the most part, extremely expensive products.”

    By cultivating a life time of experience into a new company and product line, Bret hopes to engage and capture an audience in a seemingly difficult economy. “There are not a lot of companies that offer a real value in terms of component quality, workmanship and service.” “Working with and around many of the finest minds in the audio industry for close to 30 years coupled to having an audio legend father at my disposal, is what separates Bully Sound from the plentiful competition, “ says Bret D’Agostino in reference to this start-up effort .

    The first product to be released and shipping next week is the BSC-100m, class A 100 Watt monaural amplifier $14,750 per pair. This amplifier will be followed by a 60 Watt stereo version and shortly a remote control line level preamplifier, setting the mark for this new company. These efforts represent the top of the BSC line. New designs are in process for the next group of components slated to be less expensive but sharing much of the technology in these flagship models and still made In the USA.

    Bret D’Agostino is best known as the Technical support and National sales manager for Krell Industries Inc. up until September of 2009. Shortly after departing Krell, he contributed to the formation of Dan D’Agostino Master audio systems and still continues to work closely with them. In November of 2010 Bret formed the Bully Sound Company to support a different segment of the market place and create more affordable high end audio products.

    Bret D’Agostino

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    Okay, I'll bite. Looking forward to more info.

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    Brett told me about this a while back.

    I thought they were going to cost less than that.

    They look really nice!

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    I'm sure Jerry is having his rack rearranged as I type this response.

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    I am going to stick with my 600 Watt Classe CT-M 600s.

    Love me some Dan D amps but 100 watts isn't going to cut it and I have a Class-A Nelson Pass amp at work.


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