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    Integrate w/ phono up to 3K(new or used)


    I'm in doubt which integrate with phono match better my 2.1 and 5.1HT under 3k(new or used)

    Rega RP40 Turntable
    TV/Comcast Cable

    Yamaha RX-1030 Receiver
    W4S DAC2-DSD

    Tekton Pendragon Front Speaker
    B&W HTM3S Center Speaker (it will be replaced next year for a Tekton Center Speaker)
    Dynaudio XEO3 Rear Speaker

    This is the list that I have:
    Luxman L-505ux
    Accuphase E460
    Rogue Audio Pharaoh
    Creek Destiny 2
    Jeff Rowland Concentra II
    BAT VK-300
    Blue Circle Audio DAR
    Lavardin IS Reference
    Plinius 9200
    Marantz PM 11S3
    T&A PA 1260R
    Densen B 150
    Musical Fidelity A 1008
    BADA Purer 3.8MK
    Rega Mira 3
    Creek 5350SE
    Music Fidelity A3.2
    Rotel RA1070
    AVM Audio Germany A3.2 and 5.2
    Perreaux Audiant 80i
    Bryston B100-SST
    Exposure Electronics 2010S2
    Marantz PM15S2 limited edition

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    I can't help you on this one.

    Kenny T. is our resident turntable guy. Hopefully, he will jump in on your thread.

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