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    TrippleJ Game Room/Home Theater

    Hi guys,

    Tomorrow I will be upgrading my 13 year old and counting home theater..

    I initially had a Denon Receiver, Mitsubishi 55 inch Rear Pro TV, Toshiba DVD player, 5 Paradigm floor standing speakers + sub, Sony CD player, Sony Tape Deck and a bunch of other things I forgot now..

    All have been donated to various charities except for the Mitsubishi TV which we will still use.. (moved to guest bedroom where the kids will make use of it).

    In order for me to get the upgrade done and get my wife's blessing (WAF), I had to compromise a bit..

    No floor standing speakers for the new 7 speakers so I had to go with in ceiling speakers. I am still using Paradigm but this time 7 in ceiling speakers + 2 subs. The 2 subs are floor standing but they are small and will be in the corners.

    Furthermore, no TV in the living room so we are going to put the new 75 inch Samsung TV in the game room.
    (The living room is now a conversation place where the TV will not distract -- or something to that affect)

    The game room is a big rectangle 29' x 14'

    Currently the room is being used as a "game room".. I have a pool table and a poker table.

    To make it mix use so to speak to accommodate the "home theater" aspect, I will use the poker table chairs for seating.

    I know not ideal but compromise was needed.

    On one end (far left) will be the audio rack and the other side (far right) will be the tv hanging on the wall.

    I only have the PS4 and the Oppo at the moment so I am just going to put a teaser here.. hee hee

    My audio rack is Bello AR-880 which was purchased 13 years ago when I did my first home theater.

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    Name:  Bello.jpg
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    I added the Oppo BDP-103 to the rack as well as the Sony Playstation 4.

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    Please forgive my poor photography here.

    More pictures will be added tomorrow.

    Speakers to be installed -- 7 Paradigm AMS-150R-30 30 degree tilting in ceiling speakers, 2 subs (Paradigm SE Sub)
    Receiver - NAD T-777 home theater receiver.
    TV - Samsung 75 inch F8000
    Panamax MR-5100 Surge Protection(Wave)
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    Wow, 13 years. I couldn't go a year, much less 13 without upgrades.

    Congratulations on your new HT. When I was living in Virginia, we had a living room for show, what a waste. I had my own HT so I didn't complain.

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    Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. This is going to be a huge step for you going from DVD to Blu-ray.

    The Oppo is going to be a great up-scaler for your DVD collection.

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    Congradulations, Triple J, well deserved. Sounds like it was a team effort. Nothing wrong with that. If I were doing it now, I would select the electronics; my wife would pick the aesthetics. (furniture, wallpaper, colors, and stuff like that). I care what it sounds like; she cares what it looks like. Happy wife; happy life.

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    Hi guys,

    yes, it was a team effort. Wife/Husband compromise of sorts.

    The beast is in the house and all I got to say is wow!

    I haven't even messed with the settings and I am impressed.

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    I did try out a blu ray movie of Lord of the Rings and both my subs were making a lot of noise.

    Question.. I accidently got the widescreen version. Is there a way on the oppo to make it full size or no?

    Sorry for the terrible pics. I am just terrible at taking pictures.
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    That is a BIG screen. I like it.

    As for is what it is, due to the aspect ratio the movie was shot in.

    Don't cave and get full-screen edition, meaning DVD. There is no full-screen Blu-ray editions that I know of. Using a zoom feature would only serve to crop off part of the image on the far left and right.

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    Tracy, the tv is huge.. 75 inch..

    I will take some content pictures and overview of the room to put it in perspective on the weekend.

    I am used to widescreen movies but on this big baby, I need to get full screen movies.

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    See my updated post.

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    Cool. Thanks. for the details. The guys have to come back in a week or two. I forgot to order some type of digital conversion or something for the antenna.. The speakers need that to get full sound when viewing OTA reception.. TOS cable as well or something similar.. One box and one small cable... I can't remember the details. But for blu, all the speakers come alive ... I can wait for those to come in.. Till then it is all blu ray movies!
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    To get audio from your antenna into your AVR, buy an inexpensive optical aka Toslink, or coaxial cable; which ever your display uses for the audio output.


    If your display has ARC, audio return channel, you can use the same HDMI cable that goes to your AVR to supply the audio.


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