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    DirecTV Ready To Drop Channels Due To Costs

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    In an effort to reduce programming costs, DirecTV execs have reiterated they are willing to drop less popular channels.

    At an investors luncheon last Thursday, CFO Pat Doyle says, ”Programming costs is the biggest issue affecting our industry.” He goes further to say that he is willing to drop some of the content provider's less popular channels, in order to help keep costs in check. With more than 20 million subscribers, Doyle hopes that he can use their numbers as leverage against content providers that are looking to get big increases for their content.

    While he did not specify which channels he would be willing to drop, he did say, "We're going to continue to look at marginal channels and we're going to be prepared to drop those."

    I have around 200 channels on my DirecTV plan. Most of the time, my families viewing is limited to maybe 8-10 of them. Many, like the shopping channels, MTV and Pay Per Views; all channels I have hidden in the guide and I really need to hide more.

    These days more and more content is delivered via the Internet. I know that about 90% of what our daughter watches is from YouTube and other online sources. I can't say I would be sad to see a lot of my current channels disappear. I know that everyone has their list of favorites, but how many channels do you actually watch?

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    If it wasn't for sports I'd cancel my cable subscription today with everything offered online for essentially free or really cheap compared to the cable bill.
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    My guess would be about 15 channels of which five are OTA capable. Thank goodness for favorites.

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    I could live without 50% of the channels on DirecTV and would love to see them CUT their spending there and LEAD in UltraHD content. Major networks. Big cable channels. Movies in UltraHD....

    They won't do such a move as they are just penny pinching like they do with the Pac12 Network. This is all about money. Nothing else.

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    WOW, I thought I had proof read my story. I think the sinus meds are making me loopy.

    If we had reliable access to the major broadcast networks and a way to record programs for later viewing, I bet we could drop our DirecTV service. I could easily go HD via antenna, if I were not sitting in a valley. I am within range of two different markets.

    Aereo has been sending me emails about their service. Might be worth checking them out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy Rainwater View Post
    Aereo has been sending me emails about their service. Might be worth checking them out.
    If you try them out, let us know your findings..
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    I switched five years ago from Direct TV to Verizon for two major reasons. First, I got really bad service from DTV, really bad, second, by getting the three in one plan from Verizon I saved more than $100 a month.

    Verizon has MORE movie channels in HD. DTV has better sports coverage, you got all baseball games in their package in HD, Verizon has almost all in HD. But Direct TV has the local sports station for pre and post game shows and Verizon doesn’t. I know that DTV has the big football package. (I only watch baseball)

    I lost about 50 stations in the switch and I missed NONE of them. Many were children stations, cooking, home shopping and specialty channels I never watched.

    I did gain about 20 Verizon station in the switch and I watch two or three of them.

    Without a doubt it was g odd thing to switch, I am getting Telephone, Internet and Cable for about the same price as just Direct TV was.
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