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    Samson S-Convert RCA to RCA problem

    I have a Samson S-convert I bought a few weeks ago used on eBay with plans to eventually use it in my home theater to hook a Crown amp to my Onkyo TX-NR818. I don't have an amp yet, but I was testing the S-convert today by hooking my Yamaha Clavinova piano to my living room receiver.

    I get output from the S-convert when using a combination of RCA in to XLR out, or XLR in to RCA out, but I don't get any output when trying to run straight RCA in to RCA out. According to the manual, which I downloaded, the S-convert should work with "RCA to RCA unbalanced".

    Anybody have any suggestions, or should I just go ahead and start the eBay return process? I hate to return it since I got it for a good price and it is now discontinued, so I hope there's something I'm just missing.


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    Have you called Samson?
    For a "bargain priced" firm they generally have some good phone support people that can help you determine if the thing is working as designed.... Samson Support | Samson Technologies
    Joseph Zgymunt

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    I sent them an email yesterday, but I did not call them. Hopefully they will respond. I guess if I don't hear back, I might give them a call.


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