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    Dish Announces Super Joey DVR

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    Dish has been busy working on their Hopper DVR, and is choosing CES to show the fruit of their labor.

    Their new Super Joey HD-DVR, will allow subscribers to record eight different programs at once. This is made possible when the device is paired with their Hopper whole-home HD-DVR with Sling. Eight you say; how does that work?

    The Hopper HD-DVR currently has three tuners. The Super Joey adds two more. Now, I know that 3+2 doesn't = 8, but this is where all three devices work together. The combo can record up to eight shows at once so long as four of them include the major broadcast channels. Dish’s Primetime Anytime feature, which records the primetime hours of those broadcast networks, uses technology that includes all four live broadcast TV feeds, in a single tuner.

    Without the Primetime Anytime feature enabled, the Hopper and Super Joey is "limited" to "only" five different feeds at once. Considering that my DirecTV HD DVR will only record two shows simultaneously, five sounds pretty impressive.

    Dish will be demoing the Super Joey this week at CES 2014, in Las Vegas.

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    Yeah, and they have a PS3/PS4 app they're promoting too-

    Dish Network Delivers Hopper App For PS3/PS4


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