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    Talking Sonance VP65SUR Ceiling Speakers Recommendations

    Theatre room has been wired, for ceiling speakers and provision included to pull the wires thru instead down for wall speakers. But installers have proposed ceiling speakers for the rear and side surrounds as they say positioning on Wall may stick out to much. Rear platform has a two brick stepup for main theatre seating. I think I have plenty of room for wall speakers. What is everyone's thoughts about the sonance vp65sur ceiling speakers? Are they any good? Or are there better sounding speakers that a better quality ceiling speakers for the money? They are about $560-$600 a pair I believe. I have a pair of focal cc700v two way surrounds already that I was going to use as the front highs, but could get another pair of the focals instead for a couple hundred more. ... will be running the pva7, or, pva4 or a23 if I ever decide.
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