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    URC Home Automation Systems

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    URC has developed a home automation system, that will be marketing to AV installers.

    The Complete Control Generation Two (ccGEN2) system is a new addition to the URC’s premium Total Control two-way home-control system. Both are IP-based but can be used in conjunction with preinstalled CAT5 wiring. This feature allows prewired projects to control any product connected to the IP network, or device controlled by Internet Protocol. The system features the company's wireless Z-Wave for wireless control of lighting, door locks, thermostats, shades and other devices.

    The ccGEN2 system consists of a $599 central processor and a $399 auxiliary controller which accepts IP commands and translates them to IR or RS-232 commands as needed by the customer's system. A optional $299 Wi-Fi controller can be used instead of the auxiliary controller in places where Cat5 runs aren't possible or wanted. A pair of remotes, $299 and $599, provide wireless control of systems when the system's $250 RF antenna is plugged into the home’s CAT-5 cable network.

    Other accessories include a $259 Z-Wave extender, $149 RF repeater, $199 in-wall keypad connected to the CAT-5 network, a $599 in-wall keypad with touchscreen, a $399 iPod dock, a $450 indoor network camera, a $540 indoor dome camera, a $649 outdoor dome camera and other components.

    All product pricing was found in this article on TWICE, although firm pricing has not been set.

    Here's the official press release from URC:

    Harrison, N.Y. – February 10, 2014 – URC, the brand that’s been proven in millions of American homes, today announced ccGEN2, a complete two-way, IP-based product line that parlays years of experience and leadership in the one-way control and home entertainment arena with its Complete Control™ line, and builds upon the success of the multiple-award-winning Total Control® home automation system.

    Sales of ccGEN2 are scheduled to begin soon through select distributors. Rollout to a limited number of distributors across the United States will be staggered over several weeks. The distributors that are handpicked to sell and support ccGEN2 will themselves be trained and certified, and will participate in the training and certification that’s required of installers who desire to become ccGEN2 dealers.

    From the get-go, ccGEN2 (full name “Complete Control Generation Two”) will consist of twelve (12) products including two wand-style remotes, two in-wall keypads (one is touchscreen), mobile apps and main and subordinate network system controllers. [Editors: refer to ‘backgrounder’ for more details.]

    “We’re proud to say that we’ve had thousands of dealers selling URC to control A/V successfully for years,” said Doug Cole, senior vice president and general manager of URC. “And we’re excited to offer ccGEN2 through our distribution partners as a newfound opportunity to make the most of the growing awareness and marketing for home automation in a simplified, yet powerful way. We expect this next generation line to take the Complete Control brand into the whole house and the future.”

    Volutone, with seven distribution locations in California and Nevada, will be first-to-market with the new product line in early March. “URC has been an esteemed and supportive partner of ours for years,” said Trevor Hansen, vice president of Volutone. “We strongly believe that ccGEN2 will capitalize on the burgeoning home automation market. We’re delighted to be the first distributor to sell the full product line.”

    Volutone has training certification events scheduled at all of their seven locations, beginning in March. Interested integrators should check the URC and Volutone websites for times, locations, and additional details.

    To assure unfettered success and maximum end-user experience for every installation, dealers applying to sell ccGEN2 products must pass a thorough certification process and receive approved training. ccGEN2 products, with few exceptions, are not compatible with URC’s one-way, RF/IR Complete Control system or with Total Control products. A new dealer-oriented website,, will soon be available to help integrators learn more specific information about the product line and compatibility.

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    This is NOT a company that I support whatsoever.

    Long story but they've done some pretty unsavory things to industry partners of ours and treated us like total crap.

    Crestron, Control4, Savant, RTI, Harmony - all solutions worth looking into.

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    Well, Before buying or choosing any of the Home automation products can anyone put a litlle light on what technology they use & are these products a healthy options or not I mean from durablity perpective

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    Total control is a latest technology that delivers comforts and security. It’s part of URC which is premier company of home automation. Its good and beneficial to buy smart home appliances from a company that has long past like URC and HomeControlSolutions(HCS).
    This is the only system that control everythings like TV, Lighting, Security, Blu-Ray and climate from a remote or mobile app.


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