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    Quote Originally Posted by renov8r View Post
    Part of me agrees -- the "wine reviewers" that go rattle on about things "crispness" are often disagreed with those that the same product lacks "complexity". That said I don't doubt there is near universal agreement for some terms like "tannins".
    Actually tannin is very definable "taste". Whether they are added to the wine or naturally derived from the skins, seeds, or stems, tannin is that drying bitterness that is perceived while drinking wine. I put taste in quotes, as tannins really don't have a taste or smell, but they do change the way the wine is experienced in your mouth.

    Try sticking a tea bag in your mouth, and you will get an idea of what tannin is.

    I am not an uber wine geek, but I do enjoy dry reds which are typically the more tannic. Whites and blush wines do not usually have as much of a pronounced tannic mouthfeel, but dry whites do have a touch. Winemaking is my new hobby and tannin is added to most every wine recipe that I have seen. that is a vague word.

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    I actually use my HTPC as a prepro now. I've gotten off the prepro/avr merry-go-round.

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