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    Are you familiar with WaterWorks SoundPipe Outdoor Speakers?

    Now that we are headed into Spring, we may be selling, buying Outdoor Speakers. These are very unconventional & cool looking. They are made by WaterWorks. They sort of look like what OutDoor Speakers would look like if they were designed by a Plumber. Check out their full line:

    Waterworks Acoustics

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    That is quite possibly the worst website I have ever seen.
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    Interesting products, but actual photos with info about each model would be nice.

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    Exactly. Horribly rendered CAD drawings don't make me want to run out and buy something.
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    Search Inateck MercuryBox shower bluetooth speaker.

    15 Hour Playtime
    Portable speaker combined with exquisite design, superb sound and stable connection, rechargeable battery plays up to 15 hours.

    IPX 5 Waterproof
    Durable aluminum casing and IPX5 waterproof design,
    easy paring and connection to Bluetooth devices without code/PIN.

    Built-in Microphone
    Built-in microphone for hands-free calling when you are engaged with cooking, showering or other important things.

    3.5mm Audio Jack
    Alternative 3.5mm audio jack for non-Bluetooth devices,
    more durable audio cable included.


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