Being one that believes amps do sound different, I'm looking for a new 5 channel amp (I think, kicking around a couple monoblocks for my mains but doubtful).

My Klipsch Palladiums are pretty darn nice, but can get a shade bright on the top end (cymbals in particular) when really pushed. Sold my Butler 5150 (which was nicer than my Harman Kardon I've gone back to), it was more 3-D, awesome in the midrange but did get brighter on the top end than the Harman, which suprised me)

So, looking for a new 5-channel amp that might slightly roll off that very top end. Just passed on a demo A51 as I've heard they can be a shade bright).

Just any recommendations would be great. Using a Marantz AV8801 as the front end. I'd like to stay away from China built amps... just a personal thing.

Looking at an older Classe right now. But open. Thanks!