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    Buy now or wait for 4k models?

    I have a Denon 3800BCDI player. Been working and still works well. I probably throw a disk in it every few months. Worth updating now or wait for the 4k models?

    I have not heard any rumors about 4k players, has anyone else?

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    Drmark: Everyone has their own take on this. There is virtually little or no 4K material out there. This means upscaling from 1080p. 4K UHD/ OLED Tv's are still in the expen$ive range right now. Why then, purchase a relatively expensive set to upscale 1080p? Also, IMHO, we are not quite there yet as far as 4K is concerned. For one thing, there is no 4K Blu Ray player (Red Ray) seems to be all talk at this point.

    Since 3D has been declared dead (mainly because people did noit want to wear glasses. Too restrictive, and when you turn your head, you loose the 3D image. People complain of headaches. I believe that after the dust settles, 4K will come into it's own and it will then be possible to have glassless 3D (or 4D). I am concerned about OLED at this point. There is very little being said today about it. Beware of cheap no- name 4k sets from such manufacturers as Seiki. The jury is still out on this kind of Chinese sets. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Plus, you said "I probably throw a disk in it every few months". That makes it less likely that you should buy one now.

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    While I agree with mrhookup's facts, I have seen 4K demonstrated and own 4K simulated (JVC) projector.

    4K TV's are on shelves at Best Buy for demo in the range of $5,000. If you're like me you may decide that thoughts of 4K should be part of your every future purchase after you see the demo sets.

    Sony is making 4K players.

    I don't own the Play Station 4 yet but have heard it will play 4K content.

    My 2 cents.
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    There really isn't a 4K standard for any physical media. If 4K is your only reason for buying another Blu-ray player, I'd wait.

    However, I am really happy with my Oppo BD-103, and the newer BD-103D has the Darby video processor. I am so tempted to grab the 103D to take advantage of the Darby processor in my main theater, and move the 103 to the family room.

    What's the rest of your system like?

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    Marantz 8801 Pre
    Parasound A21 & A51 amps
    Dali Epicon 6 LR and Epicon Center
    Dali Helicon 300 sides and rears.
    HTPC, JVC projector 1080P
    Anticable XLR's, Wireworld XLR's
    Anticable speaker wire 9GA.
    SVS PB12/Ultra2 sub
    52TB Synology Server, adding another 52 TB shortly.
    and of course the 3800 denon Blu player

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    I only use the disks when I play 7.1 movies. So that would actually be the main reason for an updated player, better sound, video etc.

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    Looks like OPPO is predicting 4K models in 2016. No reason to wait.

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    Looks like OPPO is predicting 4K models in 2016. No reason to wait.


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