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I keep thinking of wanting to start a hi-res new release blog if I can ever find the time to find out if the labels & the stores would be wiling to send me the info. It amazes me that NO ONE is doing this.
Great example of why this is so needed; I wrote both HDT & AS today & asked if they knew if they were going to have the Hendrix Electric Ladyland DE & if it would be the entire set or just the original album. I really do want to know; the current pre orders prices are probably as good as they are going to get; but if I ordered a 4 cd/1 blu set & the whole thing was than released as an hr dl, I'd be furious.

Paraphrase of answers:

HDT: We don't have a clue.
AS: The labels NEVER let us know what downloads we're getting until they send it.

Maybe, just maybe this lack of pre sales advertising just might have an impact on sales????