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    I haven't seen an official list for this week and HDT hasn't listed one on Facebook yet.

    I have Marillion Clutching At Straws on CD. A college buddy sent this to me back when it was just released. He was stationed in Japan, in the Army and thought I would like it. I had never heard of the band until then.

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    I pulled my post off of their website & emails. Too bad all the Kate Bush is only 44/24. I am somewhat excited about the high Res Mac Play On; IMO Peter Green's best album.

    Wow, Marillion's best known album was Misplaced Childhood (hits Kayleigh & Lavender Blue) which preceded Childhood. I think MC is there best, & even though the DE Box of MC was not up to the Wilson sonic standards of most of the prog boxes, I ordered Clutching from the band last night & I have MC (which went oop & now sells for $100.) Fish Era Marillion was very similar to (& imo just as good as) Gabriel era Genesis.

    I'm hoping between the new concert & the 96/24 It will be worth the $40. Both Marillion & former lead singer Fish tend to compress a bit more than I'd like; this behavior goes back to the 90's 2 disc remaster series.
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