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    Barry, I remember all the trouble you had with the ML. What a shame, since I have never heard of anyone disliking the sound coming from one.

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    It's sad. it was not just me but the dealer was going crazy with all the complaints. They no longer offer the CD/SACD player anymore. The repair people told me that they had stacks of them, they sent out new players rather than fix the old. And they had they same problem with their surround sound processor, which i too had to return. Several times. This was NOT Madrigal which produced good products for a couple of decades.

    Why Harmon bought this and then abandoned it, I don;t know. Bu they did the same with lexicon, bought the company, shrank and virtually destroyed it. Both lexicon and ML have their names used for car audio. But rather than re type it here what they did with the lexicon Blu Ray, "In 2010, an review revealed that the chassis and internal components of Lexicon's BD-30 Blu-ray player (retail price $3500) was identical to that of the Oppo BDP-83 (retail price $500); audiovisual testing indicated no changes were made in performance either.[10][11] Furthermore, it appears that this player was given THX certification (the first Blu-ray player with this distinction), despite failing fundamental THX tests. Currently, evidence of its certification has largely disappeared from the THX website after this was revealed.[12]"
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    My Mark Levinson 512 works fine, but it does not play DVD-Audio. I want a player for DVD-Audio and SACD together, maybe try to Esoteric?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnyazHM View Post
    My Mark Levinson 512 works fine, but it does not play DVD-Audio. I want a player for DVD-Audio and SACD together, maybe try to Esoteric?
    If you do, please let us know how you think it compares. I have never owned a truly high-end disc spinner.

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    Meridian 808.1 and 808.2 reading DVD-Audio? Anyone tried it?


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