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    What is Hi-Res Audio?

    What Is High-Resolution Audio? - Digits - WSJ

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    I felt that SACD & DVD Audio would be considered Hi Rez. But if your definition is lossless, then it is not. SACD started out as Higher Rez sound. In the beginning, it was not surround sound. SACD later incorporated it into surround sound also. If you talk about CD's; forget it. Blue Ray audio is 256 times better. IMHO, David Chesky, the founder of HDtracks is off base on this. He says that HD Tracks is like the ultimate experience. I disagree, since it does not have DTS HD Master Audio (lossless).

    When you say that vinyl is better, let me clarify it for you. I'm certainly not against vinyl. I say that vinyl can have a broader sound stage (from left to right, and also more depth from front to back. It is by no means surround sound. Believe me, I've heard vinyl in it's purest form at a CEDIA EXPO. I was at a booth with Legacy Speakers. Their speakers are extremely good, and they combined their top speakers with an audiophile turntable, and a great moving coil cartridge. Also, first rate cables & amplifiers. The two Legacy speaker's were set up nicely in the room. They also had a Legacy top of the line Center speaker in between. I'm sitting there thinking, what the hell is a center channel speaker doing here? No dialog channel.

    They also had some first rate vinyl. In the back of the room, there were two Legacy speakers. Since it was a stereo demo, I don't know what they were there for, really. When they played various selections like Earl Klugh (acoustical guitar). Earl Klugh is a master of this. His disc, Finger Paintings is outstanding. I owned it. You could literally hear his fingers moving on the strings in amazing clarity. The demos had amazing presence, depth. It sounded completely three dimensional. My ears couldn't believe what I was hearing. Other people in the room gasped for air. After the demo's, Legacy then revealed the truth, to many people's amazement. They turned the center speaker & the rear speakers around. They were not even connected to speaker wires. That is exactly what I thought at first glance. Many of the people in the room were shocked. This was exactly what I expected to find anyway. After all, this was a purely stereo demo.

    I think it's great that audio purists love their turntables, high end cartridges, tubed amps & preamps, etc. Many of them do not like surround sound at all, because they don't like overly processed sound. To each his own; that's great. Some have and enjoy both. I had a customer years ago who (within one room, had us set up a two channel purist system, and 90degrees, a Surround sound system, complete with a large screen TV. When he wanted to listen to two channel, he sat on a sofa facing the two channel system. When he wanted surround sound, he sat on a different sofa turned 90 degrees. These two systems somehow co-existed and that was what he liked. I never saw his wife come into this room at all. I don't think she had an interest in it at all. Apparently, this was his space, and never the twain shall meet. This guy was an incredible tennis player, and his business was in Sports betting.


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